The protagonist is the main character in a story. In a game, it is the player's character.


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Doom's protagonist is left nameless in all installments of the core Doom franchise. It is implied the same marine went through Ultimate Doom, Doom II, Final Doom, Doom 64, Doom (2016), and Doom Eternal.

The 2016 Doom and its sequel Doom Eternal both share a protagonist named the "Doom Slayer" by the demons. It was initially left ambiguous whether or not he had any relationship to the original games' protagonist. The first id Software game to suggest a connection was Quake Champions. It was later confirmed that they are the same person in Doom Eternal.

Doom 3 series[edit]

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In Doom 3, the main campaign, Resurrection of Evil, and The Lost Mission all feature separate protagonists.




Other games[edit]

  • Chex Quest's protagonist is named Fred Chexter and often referred to as the Chex Warrior.
  • Hacx features Danny Evanger, a hacker and ex-convict.
  • Harmony is named after the player's character.


Several mods give an identity to the player character. A few notable examples:

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