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The prowler demon.
This article is about the monster in Doom (2016). For other games, see:

The prowler is a new monster introduced to the franchise in Doom (2016). It is a multiplayer-exclusive demon and can only be accessed via the use of a Demon rune. Note that the monster appears again in Doom Eternal as an enemy in its single-player campaign.


Its main form of attack is its speed. The demon will travel at an immense velocity towards a player, either grabbing or pinning the player. If grabbed, the demon will hold on to the player until pinned. If pinned, the demon uses its brute strength to destroy the player's skull against a wall.

Possession mode[edit]

In the multiplayer free-for-all mode "Possession", players start out as humans but will be randomly selected for possession at the beginning of a match. After a few moments, those selected will transform into prowlers, whose job it is to try to convert all other humans into demons by slaughtering them. If all human players are possessed before the time limit expires, the demons are declared the winners; otherwise, a point is scored for the humans. When only one human remains, that human player becomes super-powered, with permanent quad damage, regeneration, and haste.

Prowlers have very little health in possession mode and can be instantly glory killed by human players at any point.