Prowler (Doom Eternal)


Concept art of the prowler created for Doom (2016).
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The prowler returns as a monster in Doom Eternal, now as a single-player campaign demon. As before, it is a humanoid demon of similar stature to the imp, but is larger with purple skin, long claws, and a number of bony plates projecting from its back. Similar to the Doom 3 imp, it has a spider-like cluster of three eyes in the center of its face. It has a tripartite jaw, with the lower mandible being split in half. A more advanced variant also occurs in The Ancient Gods, Part Two in the form of the cursed prowler.

Tactical analysis[edit]

The prowler employs a stealthy approach, teleporting behind or beside the player before leaping forward for a melee attack, which deals considerable damage and is performed rapidly; if it perceives itself to be in danger, it will teleport to safety and try to set up another surprise attack. It may also fire fast purple energy blasts as it charges if there is enough distance between it and the player. Unlike its previous appearance, it has a fairly large amount of health, with 1000 HP (250 staggered).

The prowler's preference for ambush maneuvers makes it especially dangerous if it appears among a group of other monsters, as they may keep the player distracted and unable to notice the prowler's presence until it is ready to strike. Ice bombs should be used to keep it locked in place, preventing it from teleporting away.


Thought to be a distant cousin of the imp, the prowler's vision is keen enough to see in total darkness. Among the Night Sentinels, it was known as the "Nightstalker".

Glory kills[edit]

  • The Doom Slayer tears off one of the prowler's arms, and then uses the exposed bones to stab the prowler through its skull.
  • The Doom Slayer grabs the prowler's face with his right hand, the length of his hand wrapping over the top of the prowler's head, with the Slayer's thumb hooked against the roof of the prowler's mouth, so as to pry its head back into a vulnerable position, exposing its neck, before the Doom Slayer quickly finishes the prowler off by using his other hand to slit its throat with the Doom blade.
  • The Doom Slayer cuts its chest open and then he rips it open.
  • The Slayer punches the prowler in the jaw before slicing it in half.
  • The Doom Slayer digs his hand into the prowler's back and rips out his spine with the head attached.
  • The Slayer cuts off the prowler's right hand, giving it enough time to scream in pain before decapitating it.
  • The Slayer cuts off its leg at the ankle and then removes its head with a slash from the Doomblade.
  • The Slayer grabs the prowler by the head and viciously snaps its neck.
  • The Slayer breaks the prowler's leg with a stomp before punching it in the face.
  • The Slayer chops off the prowler's leg before cutting it in half at the waist.
  • The Slayer drives the Doomblade into the demon's chest and rips it upward, splitting it in two.
  • The Slayer stomps on the prowler's throat hard enough to decapitate it.


  • The design of the prowler may be influenced by that of the nightmare imp from Doom 64, keeping its purple aura and projectiles, while gaining the ability to teleport.
  • The prowler's stealthy nature and ability to teleport may have also been influenced by the wraith from Doom 3.