Prowler (Doom Eternal)


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Concept art of the prowler created for Doom (2016).
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The prowler returns as a monster in Doom Eternal, now as a single-player campaign demon with abilities to teleport short distances, claw at the Slayer at high speeds, and shoot fast purple fireballs. As before, it is a humanoid demon about the same size and stature as the imp, but with purple skin, long bony claws, and a number of bony plates projecting from its back. Similar to the Doom 3 imp, it has a spider-like cluster of three eyes in the center of its face. It has a tripartite jaw, with the lower mandible being split in half.

Glory kills[edit]

  • The Doom Slayer tears off one of the prowler's arms, and then uses the exposed bones to stab the prowler through its skull.
  • The Doom Slayer grabs the prowler's face with his right hand, the length of his hand wrapping over the top of the prowler's head, with the Slayer's thumb hooked against the roof of the prowler's mouth, so as to pry its head back into a vulnerable position, exposing its neck, before the Doom Slayer quickly finishes the prowler off by using his other hand to slit its throat with the Doom blade.
  • The Doom Slayer cuts its chest open and then he rips it open.