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QNX Doom was an officially authorized but unsupported source port of Doom to the QNX operating system, a Unix-like system. The porting work was performed by QNX Software Systems Ltd., the developers of the OS, and was based on work done by Dave Taylor for the Linux and SGI ports of Doom. The port's executable files were available for free and could be combined with either the data for the shareware or registered versions of Doom, which had to be acquired separately.


  • Ability to run under console or in the X Window system via separate executables (cdoom and xdoom respectively).
  • Audio support (uses a sound and music server system similar to Linux Doom).
  • Keyboard and mouse support.
  • Support for network games via TCP/IP or POSIX 1003.1b message queues.


  • QNX was acquired by BlackBerry Limited in 2010,[1] and is still the operating system used by some of their devices.

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