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Quake 3 Arenas, also called Arenas: The Episodes and Quake: Arenas, is a series of animated fan films made by Joe Goss that adds an in-depth plot to the Quake III Arena game. The main character is the Doomguy who, unlike in the original Doom games, now talks. The series was intended to continue over a second season, but was eventually canceled.


Season 1 episodes[edit]

The season 1 episodes were later merged into one full movie with additional deleted footage:

Additional shorts[edit]


Arenas is a webcast show based on the popular first person shooters by id Software: Doom, Quake, Quake II, and Quake III. With a diligent team of fans and Joe Goss, founder of Tritin Films, Arenas' first season came to life in 11 internet webisodes. Following the main character, Doom, the story begins as our beloved hero from the early 90's fps hit, sits out a punishment assignment on the Mars moon - Phobos. As hell rides a teleport into his world, the artists cleverly bring back to life the characters of Doom 1 in a fun killing frenzy for the new generation of graphics.

Moving on, Doom finds himself in true danger as his own kind betray him. Cieling his fate with talks of experiments, Doom fights for his life. As his end nears, the Vadrigar rapture him away (in the same manner we see Sarge abducted in the intro movie to Quake III Arena). The story from here is pure Arena carnage as Doom faces off against his first opponent, Visor, and continues to score both enemies and allies in his adventure to escape. These include Ranger, Grunt, Mynx, Sarge, Gorre, Visor and Xaero.

Project background[edit]

Arenas is a project that wanted to be in the works back in 2000. Due to budget and time restraints, it didn't happen until 2009 when Joe Goss from Tritin Films gathered a team to start and complete it. Joe Goss started Tritin Films, a Quake Fan Movie Group, in 1998. Since then they have worked in the Quake, Quake II, and Quake III Arena engines to create fan based Machinima shorts such as Comedy in Armor (1998) and Quad God (1999), as well as older Quake 1 and Quake 2 flicks. They later moved out of the game engine world and pre-rendered Arenas in 3D Studio Max.

Tritin Films started out hosted at PlanetQuake in 1998, moved on to a new host at Machinima.com in 2000, and has ended up docked at their latest project located at www.quake-rebellion.com. Tritin Films was the first group to release a Quake Movie in a downloadable file format such as an mpg or avi. This release was Quad God which pulled over 300,000 downloads from FileShack and FilePlanet in the first two weeks.

In 2001, Joe Goss attempted the first pass at the Arenas project. Although the movie was never completed, it was released. The title was changed from Arenas to "Escape from the Bastille" to match only the first 12 minutes of the script that was written out for the 5 heros. Finally, 8 years later, Goss brought the project back, with some epic cast and crew. Bryan Henderson, founder of the Machinima Film Group "P1mp Slap Productions" in the mid 90' and creater of Zombie Slayer for Doom 3, joined the Arenas team as a writer. Sonic Clang, the composer responsible for the re-creation of the original Doom music for the Classic Doom 3 mod, came on board as a guest composer. Mystic Realmz Productions joined the team as the primary source for the shows music score. Kevin George, Tim Appleby, and Alex Hollenbach joined the Tritin Team as character modellers. Jeff Goss, who has been with Tritin Films since it's beginning in 1998, covered all of the character rigging. Jack Pattillo stars as Doom's iconic voice, who can also be heard as the voice of the green hero in Bryan Henderson's Zombie Slayer.


Joe Goss - director \ animator

Sonny James - music (Mystic Realmz Productions)

Sonic Clang - music (Sonic Clang YouTube Channel)

Mark S. Affeld - music

Kevin George - character modeller (Kevin George's 3D Modelling)

Alex Hollenbach - character modeller

Eric Spitler - character modeller

Tim Appleby - character modeller (Bad Polygon)

Jeff Goss - character rigging

Environment design - Joe Goss\Jeff Goss

Written by - Joe Goss and John McGann and Bryan Henderson

Starring - Jack Pattillo (Doom), Joe Goss (Sarge, Gorre, Xaero, Visor, Grunt), Chris Fern (Vadrigar Guardian), Jennifer Shaffer (Mynx), Alexander Michael Meyers (Marine General), Sonny James (Ranger).


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