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Traductus confronted with the Quietus in his tomb.

The Quietus is a weapon from Hexen. It resembles a longsword with a fiery green aura, and is Baratus the Fighter's final weapon that can be retrieved in the game. The Quietus, like the fourth weapons for the other classes, is in pieces. The three respective pieces—hilt, cross and blade—must be collected before the weapon can be used.

When assembled, the Quietus shoots a barrage of five green magical swords which deal moderate damage on their own and explode on impact for more damage. The arc of the projectiles angles slightly to the left. The Quietus requires 14 mana of each kind to use, making it the least mana-consuming of the ultimate weapons.

The Quietus lacks a melee attack. Despite this, the Quietus is most effective at close range, as it ensures all the projectiles connect successfully.

The manual states that most monsters will willingly give up their souls if hit by the Quietus.


Quietus data
Weapon number 4
Damage 8-64 (per projectile)
0-64 (blast radius)
Included mana 20 Green & 20 Blue per piece (30 on skill 1 & 5)
Mana use 14 Green & 14 Blue
Shot type Projectile
Velocity 30 map units per tic
(1050 map units per second)
Shots per minute ? projectiles
Damage per second ?
Sound SAMPLE11 (assembly)
SWORD2 (firing)
IMPACT3 (impact)
Appears in Hexen
Thing type 16 (Hilt decimal), 10 (Hilt hex)
13 (Cross decimal), D (Cross hex)
12 (Blade decimal), C (Blade hex)
Radius 20
Height 16
Sprite WFR3 (Hilt before pickup)
WFR2 (Cross before pickup)
WFR1 (Blade before pickup)
FSRD (wielded)
FSFX (projectile)
FSFX (impact)
Class Weapon
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