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RMB 3.0 building MAP01 of Eternal Doom.
Blind pinky demons in Requiem MAP02.

RMB (Reject Map Builder) is an MS-DOS utility written by Jens Hykkelbjerg for building reject tables.

The utility includes a graphical progress screen that shows color-coded detail of the map being processed; with the CPUs of the 1990s when building reject tables was a slow, CPU-intensive process, this provided convenient user feedback.

RMB was mentioned in Doom's source release in the context of using the REJECT map as a strategy for a GL-based renderer [1].

Use for special effects[edit]

In addition to reject optimization, RMB supports per-map options files that can apply special effects to a map's reject table. RMB is also distributed with a tool named EFFECT that can apply similar effects. This feature was used for levels such as MAP02: Sacrificium (Requiem) to make monsters behave in unusual ways. Supported special effects include:

Makes monsters in a particular sector blind, for a configurable distance.
Blocks line-of-sight calculations through a specified pair of linedefs.
Set limits on the distance that monsters can see, across the entire level.
Identifies doors and limits the ability of monsters to see through (some number of) doors.
Excludes particular inter-sector lines of sight - useful for creating "safe areas" within rooms.
Makes a group of sectors be considered as a single sector.
Forces particular sight-lines to be considered.
Allow line-of-sight calculations only through one side of a particular linedef.

Limited support for the RMB options file format has been included in ZenNode since its 1.2.0 release [2]; derivatives of ZenNode such as ZokumBSP have inherited this support.


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