Rabbit's All-comers Mapping Project 2023

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Rabbit's All-comers Mapping Project 2023
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Authors Various
Port GZDoom
Year 2023
Link RAMP 2023 Project Site
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Rabbit's All-comers Mapping Project 2023 (or RAMP 2023 for short) was a mapping event held in June and July 2023 by David Newton (DavidN), and a continuation of the previous two projects in the series, consisting of Rabbit's All-comers Mapping Project and Rabbit's All-comers Mapping Project 2022.

Similarly to the previous two projects, all mappers were encouraged to participate regardless of their experience, and maps were allowed in any format. The maps were to be submitted to the project website, where they would be then automatically compiled into a single PK3 file using version 3 of David's custom-made system named RAMPART. Later, each map would be placed into one of eight categories (NewBase, UAC, Cave, Castle, Town, Hell, Temple, and Weird), given a 1-6 rating on scale and difficulty, and screenshots of it would be taken to appear in the hub as well as on the project's website.


RAMP 2023 contains several custom things defined via DECORATE that appear on a per map basis.

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