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Ralph Vickers (alias Ralphis, sometimes Rakohus) is an active Doomer, most well known for his multiplayer contributions. He has contributed to a variety of mapping projects as well.


He is the founding member of Unidoom, a mapping and competitive Doom clan. He was an original member of the ZDaemon team, and currently serves as a project lead and founder of the Odamex project. He has been in the community since founding Unidoom as a WAD review site in the summer of 1998.

Multiplayer career[edit]

Ralphis is a well known competitive player and proponent of multiplayer Doom. He represented the United States as a starter in the first official United States vs. Europe CTF game held on ZDaemon (2004; USA won 54-5 in flags) and has won or placed in various tournaments that have been held on Odamex, Skulltag, and ZDaemon.

In December 2006, Ralphis founded the International Doom League, a competitive private CTF league run on ZDaemon (independent of the ZDaemon administration). Ralphis served as commissioner over the league for the early part of its life, excepting a short month of absence in the Summer 2009 season. On May 2nd, 2011, Ralphis resigned as commissioner of the International Doom League, passing duties on to fellow league veteran HumanBones. Despite no longer being involved in league operations, Ralphis continued on as a player.

In April 2014, Ralphis founded the World Doom League, a competitive private CTF league run on Odamex and similar in structure to the IDL. Ralphis has served as commissioner of the league since its inception. The IDL and WDL are now considered to have merged and share their lineage.

In the 25 seasons Ralphis played in both leagues, he has captained his teams to 20 playoff appearances, seven divisional titles (W2008, W2009, W2010, S2010, W2011, S2011, W2012), four conference championships (W2008, W2009, W2010, W2011), and three league titles (W2008, W2010, W2013). He was named MVP of the Winter 2013 IDL season, co-MVP of the Summer 2010 regular season, as well as MVP of MasterBowl VII (W2010). By the end of the WDL Summer 2020 season, Ralphis had spent 17 complete seasons as the captain of the Super Chargers.

His lifetime IDL records (as of May 2021) are as follows:

  • Regular Season (As Captain): 61-23-7 (.709)
  • Post Season (As Captain): 9-6 (.600)
  • Overall Record (As Captain): 71-33-7 (.671)
  • Regular Season (All-Time): 68-32-8 (.667)
  • Post Season (All-time): 10-9 (.526)
  • Overall Record (All-Time): 78-41-8 (.646)

His lifetime WDL records (as of May 2021) are as follows:

  • Regular Season (As Captain): 28-18-3 (.602)
  • Post Season (As Captain): 3-9 (.250)
  • Overall Record (As Captain): 31-27-3 (.533)
  • Regular Season (All-Time): 28-18-3 (.602)
  • Post Season (All-time): 3-9 (.250)
  • Overall Record (All-Time): 31-27-3 (.533)

His lifetime combined IDL/WDL records (as of May 2021) are as follows:

  • Regular Season (As Captain): 89-41-10 (.671)
  • Post Season (As Captain): 12-15 (.444)
  • Overall Record (As Captain): 102-60-10 (.622)
  • Regular Season (All-Time): 96-50-11 (.646)
  • Post Season (All-time): 13-18 (.419)
  • Overall Record (All-Time): 109-68-11 (.609)

Mapping contributions[edit]

Ralphis has mapped for various projects, most notably the Unidoom DM series and the ZDaemon & Odamex CTF map packs. He served as project lead on all four UDM WADs. In the early 2000s, Ralphis was infamous for starting high profile, anticipated projects and not completing them. These projects included Zeldoom, NesDoom, and DoomKart. Ralphis has also released a small amount of single player maps, one of which was for the ill-fated "Enigma" project.

In 2011, Ralphis was involved in the release of Double Impact, a complete Doom episode replacement. This marked Ralphis' first complete single player release. The episode was co-authored with fellow Unidoom member, RottKing. The PWAD won a Cacoward in 2011.


In addition to mapping efforts, Ralphis has created music for a variety of community projects. His most recent contributions were to Unidoom DM X and Urban Brawl: Action Doom 2.

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