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Random Doom

TITLEPIC of Random Doom, taken from random.wad.

Codebase DOSDoom 0.61
Developer(s) Rethcir
Latest release 1.1 (1998-09-28, 25 years ago)
Development status Discontinued
Written in C
Target Platform DOS
License Doom Source License

Random Doom, more commonly known as RanDoom, was an early source port made by Rethcir. It is based on DOSDoom version 0.61 and combines the SLIGE level generator and the BSP (node builder) as modules within the DOSDoom source code. Random Doom allowed the player to infinitely play new levels every time the current level was finished.


Note: taken directly from random.txt

Random Doom has the sources of Slige, the random level generator by Dave Chess, and BSP, the level compiler by Colin Reed and Lee Killough compiled as modules within the DosDoom source. 

The source has been changed to generate a new level every time you go to a new level. It will continually increase the levels' size (Slige-room factor 5 * level #) until you reach level 9, where you will be given a congratulatory message and can start over. 

The level will be generated as MAP01 in slige.out, then BSP'ed into tmp.wad, which is then loaded into Doom 2. All this is done behind your back during the normal level load time. However, this process may be lengthy, especially with the later, 45+ room levels. 

Be patient, your CPU light might not flash during the generation, and the levels may take a minute or longer to generate.


Random Doom had a version 1.0, but this has been lost to time, as is the source code for all versions of the program. The current and last version is 1.1, released September 28, 1998. It includes random.wad which needs to be used alongside the executable.

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  • Quasar was the chief beta tester for Random Doom, as revealed in a Doomworld thread titled: "Can you help me find the source code for Rethcir's program Random Doom?"[1].


  1. Doomworld forums thread

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