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Randy Estrella is a game designer who was an employee of Williams Entertainment and Midway Games. He was involved in level design and testing for Doom for Sony PlayStation, Final Doom for Sony PlayStation, and Doom 64.


Randy started his career in the game industry at Williams in quality assurance and level design. He stayed on there during the company's transition into Midway Games. He moved on in 2003 to Microsoft Game Studios to work on titles for the Xbox. Other notable titles that Randy has worked on include the arcade version of Mortal Kombat 3, Quake for the Nintendo 64, and Dungeon Siege II.


  • Randy's initials "re" can be found by examining the automap in the PlayStation-exclusive secret level, MAP57: The Marshes. The area which forms an inescapable crusher death trap is shaped into these letters.
  • Randy designed levels for Doom and Doom II on the PC before his work at Williams, but none are known to have been released publicly.[1]
  • Randy loves revenants.[1]
  • His favorite Doom II map for deathmatch is MAP13: Downtown.[1]

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