Raphaël Quinet

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Raphaël (at right) with Ian Mapleson at Edinburgh Airport.

Raphaël Quinet is a computer programmer who, together with Brendon Wyber, was responsible for creation of the first fully functional all-in-one level editor for Doom, known as Doom Editing Utilities, or DEU. He also was the volunteer coordinator of the rec.games.computer.doom.editing Usenet group and a member of the RGCD Support Team.

DEU 5.0 was released on March 30, 1994, after extensive research done by Quinet toward understanding the node structure in the engine and how to generate novel binary space partition trees. This work resulted in the first working node builder to be publicly available for Doom; a standalone node-building utility based on DEU's was eventually released, also called BSP.

Quinet moved on to Quake after its release in 1996, and was not heavily involved with the Doom community after that point.

Quinet has also made contributions to open source projects such as GIMP and LILO.

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