Raven MIDI Pack

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Raven MIDI Pack
Title screen
Authors Various
Port Vanilla Heretic
IWAD Heretic
Year 2020
Link Doomworld/idgames

The Raven MIDI Pack is a music pack for Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders, released on 27 August 2020. It provides replacement for all duplicated tracks in the original game. The original tracks are still played but only in the first level where they occur; this leaves the first episode untouched and the second mostly unchanged, while the third is mostly new and the fourth, fifth, and sixth are entirely new. In addition, five extra bonus tracks that were not matched to any map slot are also included.

Although technically vanilla-compatible in that all tracks can be converted to MUS format and used in Heretic levels, the tracks from the pack will only be heard if played in a port that can read the EMAPINFO or ZMAPINFO lumps, or otherwise allows to map Heretic map slots to the corresponding MUS_ExMy lump if present, such as Crispy Heretic. This is because instead of having duplicated music lumps (like how registered Doom has D_E1M7, D_E2M5, and D_E3M5 all containing the same track), Heretic reuses the same lump (like the fourth episode of Ultimate Doom reuses tracks associated with levels from the first three episodes). Since this behavior is hardcoded, there is no way around this, short of splitting the pack into several episode-specific replacements.

The aim was to imitate Kevin Schilder's music style for Heretic, so that the pack would fit seamlessly and plausibly sound as if it were an original part of the game.

The project was initiated in April 2020 by James Paddock (Jimmy), who had previously organized similar collaborative MIDI packs for Plutonia, Revolution, and Rebirth. A "sequel" MIDI pack for Hexen: Deathkings of the Dark Citadel is under way.

Track listing[edit]

Track Name Composer(s) Level Length Inspiration / base
Avenger's Spirit Varis Alpha E2M5: The Catacombs 2:13
Docked In Varis Alpha E3M1: The Storehouse 2:10 Remix of "Dark" by Kevin Schilder
Liquidation Varis Alpha E3M4: The Azure Fortress 1:55
The Ophidians Tristan Clark E3M5: The Ophidian Lair 1:57
Legions James Paddock (Jimmy) E3M6: The Halls of Fear 2:17
Tightrope Brayden Hart (AD_79) E3M7: The Chasm 2:48
Die for Parthoris Joshua O'Sullivan (Dragonfly) & Jimmy E3M8: D'Sparil's Keep 2:31
Cascade AD_79 E3M9: The Aquifer 1:58
Clustafalque Neil Paddock (mrgrimsdale) & Jimmy E4M1: Catafalque 2:17
Fort Rot Marian Paddock (Bimmy) E4M2: Blockhouse 1:42
Crushed Spirits Paul Corfiatis (pcorf) E4M3: Ambulatory 1:56
Encrypted Jimmy E4M4: Sepulcher 2:23
Blood of the Unworthy Tristan Clark E4M5: Great Stair 1:54
Crusade of the Mage Darman Macray E4M6: Halls of the Apostate 2:45
Gravelord's Lullaby AD_79 E4M7: Ramparts of Perdition 2:46
Deathwind Jimmy E4M8: Shattered Bridge 2:15
The Cadaver's Waltz mrgrimsdale & Jimmy E4M9: Mausoleum 2:50
Ravine Jimmy E5M1: Ochre Cliffs 2:03 "Wait" by Kevin Schilder
Turbulence Tristan Clark E5M2: Rapids 1:45
Lighthouse Jimmy E5M3: Quay 2:44 "Belial's Birth" from Lands of Lore: Guardians of Destiny
Death Clause mrgrimsdale & Jimmy E5M4: Courtyard 2:07
Convergent Kingdoms AD_79 E5M5: Hydratyr 2:55
Saltbringer Jimmy E5M6: Colonnade 2:20
Terror Mansion pcorf E5M7: Foetid Manse 2:17
The Last Guardians Jimmy E5M8: Field of Judgement 2:32
Schilder's Ladder dial-up E5M9: Skein of D'Sparil 2:02
Sage Fields dial-up E6M1: Raven's Lair 2:22
Dragged from the Pit mrgrimsdale & Jimmy E6M2: Water Shrine 2:06
Serpentine Pillars Mikolah E6M3: American's Legacy 2:33
Serpentine Wrath Varis Alpha n/a 1:58
Dee Wars Peter Lawrence (MegaSphere) n/a 2:09
Talons mrgrimsdale & Jimmy n/a 1:51 Ideas leftover from "Death Clause"
Iron Lick Tristan Clark n/a 1:41 The Lick
Crow's Nest Tristan Clark, Dragonfly & Jimmy n/a 3:12

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