Ray Mohawk 2: Ray Wreaks Havoc!

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Ray Mohawk 2: Ray Wreaks Havoc!
Title screen
Authors Various
Port Vanilla Doom
Year 2021
Link Doomworld/idgames
Cacoward-2018.png This mod received an honorable mention at the 2021 Cacowards on Doomworld!

Ray Mohawk 2: Ray Wreaks Havoc!, sometimes simply called Ray Mohawk 2, is a community project designed for vanilla Doom with 20 levels (22 if counting the bonus maps) led by Doomkid. The WAD is a sequel to Ray Mohawk's Manic Monday!, also by Doomkid. The textures are mostly taken from Freedoom.

The project was first announced in the Doomworld forums on April 24, 2021, and was initially released on October 31, 2021. It received an honorable mention at that year's Cacowards.


A year has passed since Ray successfully destroyed the UAC and several of their Nukage™ production compounds. Soon after Ray completed his mission, the prestigious General Kawasaki, one of the last surviving military leaders on Earth, sought him out and rewarded him with a Medal of Courage for his heroic effort.

As a result of the devastating effects of Nukage™ around the world, about 80% of humanity has either died or become completely zombified. The remaining population has banded together in an effort to reclaim their cities and hopefully start to rebuild once the remaining bloodthirsty mutants and hellish creatures are wiped out. Maybe the remainder of humanity will even learn a lesson about not abusing resources, if indeed they survive.

Under the auspices of General Kawasaki, Ray has been receiving high-level training with almost every kind of firearm known to man. Equipped with his new set of skills, he has become nothing less than a killing machine! No matter which weapon he uses, he can lay giant crowds of mutants to waste in a matter of seconds.

Ray's current and final assignment is to fight the remaining infected mutants and demonic invaders in his local area, a once-beautiful tropical region consisting of beaches, small towns and old historic ruins. Nukage™ took its toll on most of Ray's friends and family and changed them from people he loved into hideous monsters, so at this point he wants justice. All uninfected survivors have been evacuated to a safe zone in Japan, so he can now go in guns blazing to help prevent this wave of horror from spreading any further.

Ray misses his old life of surfing and drinking with his friends, but all the chaos he's been through has proven him to be as gifted a soldier as he is a surfer.


New monsters[edit]

  • Slyor: A monster with a cannon that shoots a volley of flames followed by three imp fireballs in quick succession. It has 250 health points and replaces Commander Keen.
  • Wolfenstein SS: Same as their Doom II counterpart but with new sprites from Kick Attack!
  • Cyberdemon: Fires in volleys of six rockets rather than three, making it more deadly than usual. Otherwise has the same health and behavior as its vanilla counterpart.

Weapons changes[edit]

  • The Fists are replaced with Ray's knife, which does five times the damage of fists.
  • The chainsaw is replaced with the gauntlets from Heretic. It has four times the speed of the normal saw.
  • The pistol deals seven times more damage per shot and is faster than the vanilla pistol.
  • The shotgun is roughly three times tougher than its unmodified counterpart, firing 20 pellets rather than 7 per blast, but it takes two shells per shot rather than one.
  • The super shotgun is replaced with an automatic shotgun with a high rate of fire, albeit having to reload once you stop firing.
  • The chaingun is replaced by a futuristic blaster, with about seven times the killing power of the normal chaingun.
  • The rocket launcher is replaced with the cell cannon. It rapidly fires explosive plasma balls, which are basically the same as the vanilla rocket. Since it uses cell ammo, maximum ammo for it is much higher.
  • The plasma gun is replaced with a flamethrower. Each flame does three times as much damage as a standard plasma ball. The only minor drawback is that it has a somewhat limited range of about 900 units.
  • The BFG9000 has been upgraded to BFG9002 (Nine-thousand and two). It only needs 25 cells to produce a blast rather than 40, emits two waves of tracers rather than just one, and fires much faster.


  • According to the release thread, there's an alternative map name for MAP19, which is: "Alfonzo Stumbles Bloodied Into a Laundromat and, While Attempting to Hide From a Mob of Feral Donkeys, Unwittingly Finds That One Washer Is a Cloning Device That Turns All of His Copies Into Archviles (ft. Miley Cyrus)".

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