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Reactor is the final level of Doom RPG.



Map of Reactor

In this level, the player must close the portal to hell opened by Dr. Guerard. The berserker is useful to increase the amount of damage done when attacking the bosses and power couplings. It may be desirable to do this in order to close the portal quickly before being overrun by monsters spawned by it.

The portal will spawn a limited number of monsters. Once the supply is exhausted, no more will appear. When someone is playing with the noclip cheat, they might notice the long, doorless room filled with monsters at the top of the map (also visible on the picture on the left). This is where the demons spawned by the portal are stashed. It is important to note that it is necessary to kill all monsters spawned by the portal in order to obtain 100% kills.


  1. Go south down the corridor and through the door into a room with a barrel. Go through the south door in this room.
  2. Go south again, then east.
  3. Go east again through the door, then go north.
  4. Extinguish the fire blocking your path, then follow the path as it curves east.
  5. Follow the path between the zombie in the cage and the bars on your right. Extinguish the fire.
  6. Use the computer console on the north wall. Go through the south door.
  7. Go south until you reach a wall of fire. Extinguish one of the fires to clear a path through.
  8. The path curves round to the west. Use the computer console on the south wall twice.
  9. Go north toward the pools of lava. "Red planet" will clear a path through the lava.
  10. Go north through the door. Talk to Dr. Guerard. He will transform into Kronos.
  11. Kill Kronos and continue north. Use the computer console to the west.
  12. The bars are removed. Destroy the two power couplings on the east and west sides of the room.
  13. The Cyberdemon comes through the portal before it is closed. Kill the Cyberdemon.
  14. Go through the door in the south-east corner of the room to exit the level.


  • 1 Total: 24,16
  • Find secrets on every level and kill all monsters on every level except Reactor to receive a bonus "Master" url after the ending.


  • 1 secret
  • 50 monsters

Map data[edit]