Realm 667


Realm 667 is a Doom community website originally created by Daniel Gimmer (Tormentor667) to host his own mapping work and various articles about creating Doom mods (including the infamous "detailing guide" which received the Worst Wad 2009 in the Cacowards).

The site went through several redesigns and started to broaden its role by hosting a repository of modding resources, beginning with a "Beastiary" (misspelled in homage to Nick Baker's Doom Beastiary). The repository was extended at several times to include also weapons, powerups, decorative props, special effects generators, textures, and sounds.

The resource repository led to the creation of forums to help organize and review the contribution of new material. This in turn led to the development of a small community and the desire to broaden the scope of the site beyond a source of plug-and-play content. The front page started hosting community news and a review section was added. In 2015 it hosted the Doomjà-Vu contest.

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