Rebirth MIDI Pack


Rebirth MIDI Pack
Title screen
Authors Various
Port Vanilla Doom
Year 2020
Link Doomworld/idgames

The Rebirth MIDI Pack is a music pack created by Doomworld musicians from February 2017 to April 2020 for Vader's megawad, The Rebirth. Inspired by the Plutonia MIDI Pack, the project was the fourth MIDI pack spearheaded by James Paddock (Jimmy). Similar to the previous packs, an additional WAD for source ports with ACS support was included, which displays the track name and its respective author at the start of each level. The original MIDI files were also included, as well as some unused tracks.

Track list[edit]

Since The Rebirth did provide a few original tracks composed by Vader, MAP03, MAP10, MAP12, MAP15 and MAP32 are not covered. The song for MAP25 was replaced as it was a copy of the one for MAP10, and the song for MAP30 was also replaced.

Track name Composer(s) Level Length
Ripsaw Jimmy MAP01: Operator 2:00
Viscera & Gravy BobFromReboot MAP02: Outer Base 2:14
Girders Jimmy MAP04: Sewage 4:52
A Snake In My Boot stewboy MAP05: The Complex 1:49
Rising Colossus Viscra Maelstrom MAP06: Colossus 3:53
Shoot to be Violent 8Bit Shocker MAP07: Cremation 2:40
On Lockdown Jimmy MAP08: Pumping Station 4:14
Prowler Jimmy MAP09: The Depot 4:56
Ghosts in the Walls stewboy MAP11: Teleport Center 2:24
BFG District therektafire & Jimmy MAP13: Condemned Streets 3:43
Cave Dwellers Tristan Clark MAP14: The Undertown 4:26
Sludge Dial-up for Murder MAP16: The Musty Ones 3:11
Junction Jimmy MAP17: Xenophob 3:35
Sombre Visions Tristan Clark MAP18: Death Pit 2:32
Shadows Tristan Clark MAP19: House of Pain 2:47
Sunfall Valley (Open Fire) Viscra Maelstrom MAP20: The Gateway 5:29
A Warrior Reborn Tristan Clark MAP21: River of Flames 3:00
Mars Monolith Dial-up for Murder MAP22: Withered Fields 3:26
Freedom is So Below Viscra Maelstrom MAP23: Dark Arena 3:02
Mystified Tristan Clark MAP24: Hall of Despair 4:21
Nether (With You) Viscra Maelstrom MAP25: The Tower 4:51
Seething Hatred Viscra Maelstrom MAP26: Burning Canals 3:54
Devil's Hive Jimmy MAP27: Wired Hive 4:06
Wretched Abyss Viscra Maelstrom MAP28: Netherworld 4:29
Thanatos Tristan Clark MAP29: The Abyss 7:07
Underlord Jimmy MAP30: Hell's Innards 3:42
What Could Have Been Viscra Maelstrom MAP31: Snowed-in Mansion 3:48
Entombed Jimmy Title screen 0:24
Intermission Dial-up for Murder Intermission 1:12
Ludum Suite Part V: Impending Victory Tristan Clark Text screen 1:10

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