Reclaimed Earth


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Reclaimed Earth
The Ancient Gods, Part One
The Ancient Gods, Part Two

Reclaimed Earth is the second level of The Ancient Gods, Part Two, the second expansion for Doom Eternal. The level is set in an overgrown and abandoned human city on Earth, at the center of which is a facility housing the Gate of Divum - the Doom Slayer must locate and power this gate in order to reach Immora.

The cursed prowler and riot soldier enemies are introduced in this level.

"Hell's invasion of Earth has failed, and the ARC has led human resistance in the fight to reclaim the planet. The Slayer must locate the Gate of Divum, an ancient artifact of the Father's design, within the ruins of an overgrown city. Once activated, the path to Immora will be opened..."
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Reach the Gate of Divum


There are no challenges for this level.


Although Hell's invasion of Earth was stopped thanks to the Slayer, cities remain largely empty as most survivors of the war have moved to safe zones and underground bunkers. The Slayer's victory has emboldened the ARC, who lead resistance efforts to purge the remaining demons from Earth, as well as the remaining citizens who view the Slayer as a demigod; messages in support of him can be found scrawled throughout the city.