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Reclaimed Earth
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Reclaimed Earth is the second level of The Ancient Gods, Part Two, the second expansion for Doom Eternal. The level is set in an overgrown and abandoned human city on Earth, at the center of which is a UAC compound housing the Gate of Divum - the Doom Slayer must locate and power this gate in order to reach Immora.

The cursed prowler and riot soldier enemies are introduced in this level.

"Hell's invasion of Earth has failed, and the ARC has led human resistance in the fight to reclaim the planet. The Slayer must locate the Gate of Divum, an ancient artifact of the Father's design, within the ruins of an overgrown city. Once activated, the path to Immora will be opened..."
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Although Hell's invasion of Earth was stopped thanks to the Slayer, cities remain largely empty as most survivors of the war have moved to safe zones and underground bunkers. The Slayer's victory has emboldened the ARC, who lead resistance efforts to purge the remaining demons from Earth, as well as the remaining citizens who view the Slayer as a demigod; messages in support of him can be found scrawled throughout the city.



Reach the Gate of Divum
Activate the rings


Head forward until you drop to the road below, where a cursed prowler will appear; stay on the move and try to kill it before it hits you, or you will be struck with a damaging curse and will have to chase the prowler down and kill it with a blood punch. After killing the prowler, deal with the armored baron, Hell knights and mancubus that follow it then enter the ruined building and go up the stairs to a green-cracked wall; behind this wall is a two-floored arena where many heavy demons will spawn, including two tyrants and two barons of Hell. Once the area is clear, go through the wall opening on the opposite side of the arena and drop down to catch a climbable wall that has flame jets running across it, then look right to see a grapple point leading to a second wall. Jump left from here to land on solid ground, kill the stone imps and mancubus heading your way then walk between the buildings to an area with a ruined train track. Head under the track and follow a trail of armor shards, then walk between the broken carriages to find a monkey bar that will put you on top of the train. Head through the broken window in front of you and drop through the hole in the floor to find a switch that will restore power to the area.

Go through the now-open door on your right and carefully drop to the ground, as much of the floor is now electrified. The shutter door will open and reveal three riot soldiers followed by a Blood Maykr; the soldiers' shields cannot be destroyed so fire rockets or frag grenades behind them to kill them. Head back outside and retrace your steps to get up to the train carriages, punch the carriage marked with a green symbol to move it forward then get on top of the carriage and use the grapple points to pull yourself to another part of the track. Go up the climbable wall in front of you then enter the building in front of you to find the arena for the Escalation Encounter (see below); the gore nest is on the bottom floor inside the middle chamber. Once this is dealt with, drop through the hole in the floor near the gore nest and head down to find seven Hammer charges surrounded by gargoyles which are then followed by waves of blaster soldiers, shield soldiers and then three mancubi.

Drop down the hole behind the Hammer charges to find two cueballs and strike them to destroy the riot soldiers and mancubus ahead then head forward until you drop into a large water pool. Swim into a submerged train and follow it until you emerge into a station, then surface and go up the steps to confront a Hell knight and two mecha zombies. Go round the corner to find another hole and drop into it, then swim through the tunnel past some fireball launchers until you surface at the sign for the Chairman's Club. Look round the pillars behind the sign for a green button that will open the nearby door and reveal a mancubus along with a possessed pinky, then go up the escalator to return to ground level where several heavy demons are waiting outside an office building, including a Doom hunter. With the area clear, head into the right-hand building to find a climbable wall then go up it and turn around to find a switch to restore power to the immediate area; after throwing the switch, go back outside and immediately turn left to find a monkey bar leading to a launcher that will propel you into a fan. As the fan pushes you away, use the grapple point in front of you to pull yourself into the office complex.

Take out the Blood Maykr, stone imps and whiplashes waiting for you inside the complex, followed by a dread knight, armored baron and cyber-mancubus, then head upstairs to find a pool of purple goo with an island - time your jump to the island to avoid a pair of fireball launchers, then jump to the climbable wall above them and turn round to leap past some flame jets to the floor above. Go round the corner and past two more launchers to dispose of a mancubus and Hell knight, then use the launcher in this area to propel yourself past more flame jets to a cyber-mancubus; defeating it along with all the fodder demons should lower the Hell barrier blocking your way. Go through to a walkway and kill two revenants that jump up to it, then go to the end of the walkway and jump left to reach a suspended platform - from here you must jump past a swinging chain to catch a grapple point, let go of it to leap to a monkey bar, then shoot the green switch in front of you in mid-air to unlock a door beneath it. Kill the Hell knight and whiplash spectres that greet you while watching out for nearby screechers, then head for the green-lit door to your left and look outside to see a cacodemon burst through a grate. Jump across to this grate to enter the UAC compound.

Use the waiting zombie cultists to resupply then head through the doorway in front of you to enter another arena; expect stiff opposition including a couple of Doom hunters and a possessed mancubus, followed by an arch-vile and a tyrant. Once all the demons have been cleared, go through the door at the back of the arena to find an elevator leading up to the Gate of Divum. Go up the steps to a control panel and place the Wraith's Crystal inside it to activate the gate, then head through the portal to finish the level.

Escalation Encounter[edit]

The first wave of the Escalation Encounter is mandatory and includes three main groups; first, mancubi along with a dread knight and a cacodemon; second, revenants along with a riot soldier, carcass and cursed prowler; finally, a marauder along with a cyber-mancubus and riot soldier. Completing the first wave upgrades the Sentinel Hammer; striking demons that are on fire now causes them to drop more armor, while striking frozen demons causes them to drop more health.

The second wave of the Escalation Encounter is optional and includes six main groups; first, pinkies along with arachnotrons and a pain elemental; second, Hell knights and a cyber-mancubus; third, an arch-vile along with a cursed prowler; fourth, a possessed Hell knight; fifth, spectres along with cacodemons; finally, a marauder along with a Doom hunter and an arachnotron. Completing the second wave unlocks the "Survivor" Slayer skin.

Special items[edit]

The automap station is on a ledge below the ruined train track.

  • Three extra lives
    1. After dropping to the road at the start of the level, walk past the turret and oil tanker on your right to see a 1UP behind a truck cab.
    2. When you enter the building leading to the UAC compound you will see a 1UP behind a glass panel. Punch through the cracked panel at the end of the hall to reach it.
    3. Upon entering the UAC compound you will see a locked door. Return to this door after completing the final arena to find a 1UP behind it.
  • Three Argent cells
    1. On the bottom floor of the Escalation Encounter arena
    2. After climbing the escalator past the Chairman's Club, a cell is located behind an oil tanker.
    3. At the top floor of the office complex, head past two revenants then turn right to see a cracked wall. Punch through the wall and go up the stairs to a cell.
  • 13 Hammer charges
    1. In a corner of the arena in the first building
    2. Under the ruined train track
    3. On the top floor of the Escalation Encounter arena
    4. There are seven Hammer charges in the corridor under the Escalation Encounter arena
    5. In the arena on the bottom floor of the office complex.
    6. In the same location as the second extra life.
    7. In the final arena before the Gate of Divum.
  • Four Codex pages
    1. "The Savior of Mankind" - as soon as the level starts, turn left and jump over the fence. You will land close to the page.
    2. "The Gate of Divum" - after getting under the Escalation Encounter arena, follow the passage to see the page on your left.
    3. "The Betrayal of the Father" - underneath the office complex located before the UAC compound.
    4. "The Tainted Prophecy" - in the Gate of Divum chamber.

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  • The sign for the Chairman's Club states that it was founded by Robert Altman, the late CEO of ZeniMax Media. Altman is listed in the "Very Special Thanks" section of the credits for Doom Eternal, and The Ancient Gods, Part Two is dedicated to his memory.
  • In the area after the Chairman's Club sign, there is a sign of a city map stating that the city's name is Fort McKinley.