Reconstruction / Decomposition


Reconstruction / Decomposition
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Author Da Werecat
Port Boom-compatible
Year 2014
Link Doomworld/idgames
Cacoward.png This mod was a runner-up for the 2014 Cacowards on Doomworld!
This level occupies the map slot MAP01. For other maps which occupy this slot, see Category:MAP01.
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Reconstruction / Decomposition is a two-level PWAD for Doom II and a Boom-compatible source port. It was created by Da Werecat, based on a map by Josh Baker (mrthejoshmon), and uses music track "Breaking Point" by Aubrey Hodges, a bonus track from the official release of the Doom 64 soundtrack. MAP01 is the playable level while MAP02 is "just a small 'outro' level."

Reconstruction / Decomposition was a runner-up at the 2014 Cacowards.


Map of Reconstruction / Decomposition
Letters in italics refer to marked spots on the map. Sector, thing, and linedef numbers in boldface are secrets which count toward the end-of-level tally.


Other points of interest[edit]


  1. Once you have the red key, go to the door at the west end of the large area with the walkways. Use and approach the door to the south to teleport away. After you collect the blue key and unlock your way back to the large area with the walkways, return to this door and open it to get a soul sphere. (sector 193)
  2. In the large blue-floored room in the main complex, there is what appears to be a spaceship in the center of the room. To access it, go towards the blue door on the east wall and use the three terminals to the right of it. Go back to the spaceship and get into the seat, then use the overhead monitor. This will open a wall northeast and down the steps from your location. Open the door to find health bonuses, a megaarmor, and shotgun shells. (sector 229)
  3. Turn right (west) at the starting point. Go towards the computer with the "cr40" logo on it and look at the wall to the left. Open the vent and go through the passage. Head up the shaft and follow the armor bonuses to a control room, where if you use the black monitors in the northeast corner, you can lower a shotgun. (sector 360)


Demo files[edit]

This WAD features one built-in demo by the author that is duplicated in all three slots, DEMO1 through 3. It requires Doom II with a Boom-compatible v2.02 source port and runs for 2:10.57 (4570 tics), showing off the level on Hurt Me Plenty.

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Map data[edit]

Things 409
Vertices 5993*
Linedefs 6167
Sidedefs 10100
Sectors 919
* The vertex count without the effect of node building is 4791.


This level contains the following numbers of things per skill level:

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