Redemption Denied


This article is about the Doom 64 addon. For the PlayStation Doom level, see MAP54: Redemption Denied (PlayStation Doom).
Redemption Denied
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Author Steven Searle
Port Doomsday
IWAD Doom 64
Year 2005
Link Doomworld/idgames

Redemption Denied is an eight-level episode replacement PWAD for Doom 64 by Steven Searle, with a single map by Melissa McGee (Agent Spork). It was originally created in 2005 as an add-on for the Doom 64 TC, alongside The Outcast Levels for said TC. Searle would go on to release another Doom 64 mappack, The Reckoning, in 2008.


All levels done by Steven Searle except for MAP01 by Melissa McGee (Agent Spork)

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