References to Classic Doom in Doom 3


Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3
GameHOG magazine
The hell pentagram featuring the old grinning status bar face and the old UAC logo

Doom 3 includes several references to the original classic Doom series.

Doom 3[edit]

  • At the start of the game, the player can access a communal area where there is an arcade machine named Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3. The game is formed mostly from Doom graphics, and features the fist, status bar face, gibs and a background which is actually a screenshot from E4M9 of The Ultimate Doom. The game logo alludes to Street Fighter Alpha 3 and the fictional developer Nabcon to Capcom. When killed, the in-game turkey breaks into gibs in the manner of exploded characters from the classic Doom games.
  • A texture that was ported from parts of Doom computer textures is used at several points, mostly in the CPU banks. Material from Doom's COMP2 and COMPTALL was recycled.[1]
  • Throughout the game, magazines can be found in the Mars base. One of these, GameHOG, features the status bar "ouch face" blown up to fill the front cover, as well as the title of a fictitious game Doom Ultra-XL.
  • Entering any of the original cheat codes into the console will cause the message "your memory serves you well!" to be displayed telling you that you know your Doom skills.
  • The light patterns in the pentagrams found in hell include a small image of the original status bar face. The pentagrams also feature the UAC logo.
  • When sending a message to the fleet, the computer screen includes the code idspispopd, one of the classic cheat codes.
  • The sound of picking up an access card is the same as Doom's item pickup sound.
  • The old UAC logo can be seen on front covers of the field guide folders in the reception desk, cafe and elsewhere, as well as the backs of the folders (for example, behind Betruger in the first scene where he's discussing with others). It is also present in some of the crates.
  • In the Monorail level it is possible to witness a picture of a zombieman. This is possible by activating the noclip cheat and moving to the cinematic area where Betruger transforms a marine. The picture is located on one of the glass panels, and can only be seen if the flashlight is shone at the glass.

Resurrection of Evil[edit]



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