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Resource Operations

Resource Operations, also known in short as "Res Ops", is the second level of Doom (2016). It is the main communications center for the UAC Mars Base. Mission 2, Know Your Enemy, takes place in this level. The chainsaw and the heavy assault rifle are introduced in this level, as well as the plasma rifle via a secret.


Resource Operations was one of the earliest structures built on Mars after the Argent Fracture was discovered. Besides communications and networking, functions contained in the area include plasma processing, mining of ores and metals, isotope stabilization, and analysis of artifacts. Employees at the UAC Mars Facility are assigned to a tenure in Res Ops before moving on to specialized roles.

Mission 02: Know Your Enemy[edit]

To determine the status of the demonic invasion, the Doom marine must realign the satellite array in Resource Operations. After restoring power, the marine finds a pre-recorded message from Olivia Pierce which seems to confirm she had a hand in the invasion; he then fights his way to the satellite controls and realigns it, but Samuel Hayden intervenes and blocks the marine's access to the information he wants. The marine travels to another terminal at Hayden's request, where he is provided with an Argent cell as well as information confirming that Olivia unleashed some kind of "Hell wave" that has transformed the majority of the facility's employees into the possessed. Hayden again insists that the facility's work is for the benefit of mankind, but is interrupted when VEGA reports that the foundry is about to experience critical failure; as Hayden confirms that he and the marine would not survive a meltdown, the marine heads there at once to reactivate the cooling turbines.


A detailed walkthrough is available for this level.


Discover the Cause
Restore facility power
Gain satellite array access
Find yellow access key
Destroy the Gore Nest
Realign the Resource Ops satellite
Go to the VEGA terminal
Stop the Meltdown
Proceed to the Foundry Airlock


Kill two of the possessed with one trigger pull from the combat shotgun.
This challenge can be easily completed by luring two possessed close and using the Explosive Blast modification for the shotgun.
Variety is the Spice of Death I
Perform five different glory kills on the possessed.
The type of glory kill will depend on the angle the player faces the target; e.g., facing an enemy's back or side will trigger different glory kills.
Quite the Explorer
Find three secrets.
This level has eight secrets in total; the two Doomguy collectibles and three elite guards all count for one secret each, the classic level area is the sixth, and the remaining two secrets are listed in "Walkthrough#Secrets".

Special items[edit]

Item Amount
Argent cells 1
Combat support drones 1
Praetor tokens 3
Rune trials None
Secrets 8
Datapads 2

Areas / screenshots[edit]


  • The first Codex entry for Resource Operations states that anyone wanting access to restricted areas must submit a Delta-Q Delta form to the Departmental Enforcer. This is a reference to the IDDQD cheat from the original Doom.
  • Datapad #1 unlocks a Codex entry which includes a reference to submitting form WAD-E1M4 to a Command Controller. WAD refers to the file format used by Doom-engine-based maps, and E1M4 refers to the "Command Control" level from the original Doom.