Return of the Triad


Return of the Triad
Title screen
Authors Leon Zawada, Simon Rance
Port ZDoom
Year 2011
Link Mod DB

Return of the Triad is a total conversion mod for ZDoom by Leon Zawada (el zee) and Simon Rance (5hfifty) that mimics and homages the 1995 Doom clone Rise of the Triad. Development commenced in 2004, a playable demo appeared in late 2010, and the full version was released and updated to v1.6 during Summer 2011.


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Custom monsters[edit]

Custom weapons[edit]

Custom objects[edit]


Episode 1: The Hidden Outpost (demo levels):

Episode 2: Return of the Triad (main levels):

Deathmatch levels:

  • DM1: The Innerworks by El Zee
  • DM2: 5hfifty's Revenge by 5hfifty
  • DM3: ZigMatch by BananasGorilla
  • DM4: The Forbidden Temple by El Zee
  • DM5: Outer Wall by El Zee
  • DM6: The Circle by El Zee

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