Return to Hadron


Return to Hadron is a remake of ConC.E.R.N.ed, a Doom megawad created by Matt Powell (cannonball) for limit removing source ports. The first episode was released in 2015 and was later named as a winner of the 22nd Annual Cacowards. Powell released a second episode in late 2016, which was a runner-up for the 2017 Cacowards. On September 1, 2020, episode 3 was released which, again, reached runner-up status at the 2020 Cacowards.


Built-in demos[edit]

Episode 1 features one built-in demo. It requires Doom v1.666 to be viewed. The demo level is:

Demo Level Skill Tics Length
DEMO1 E1M5: The IMP Crowd 4 8918 4:14.80

Episode 2 also features a single built-in demo, this time requiring Doom v1.9. The level is:

Demo Level Skill Tics Length
DEMO2 E2M2: Logistics Complex 4 2646 1:15.60

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