Return to Jotunheim


Return to Jotunheim is the fifth episode of Project Einherjar. It is heavily navy-themed and features the first underwater sequence in the megawad.


A Jotun research ship is sunk by a sentinel ship bearing the Midgard flag, and a new war looms on the horizon. Juno and her superior, Heimdall, meet with Jotunheim's defense secretary and ambassador to discuss their findings: the offending ship was a Jotun vessel made to look like a Midgard ship, and it used a modified Gauss cannon like those built by Baron Frostgard in Episode 3 using Einherjar technology. In other words, someone is deliberately trying to start a war.

Meanwhile elsewhere in the country, it is revealed that the ship is under the command of a group of mercenaries known as the Hreidmar Brothers, led by Fafnir "The Dragon" Hreidmar. Fafnir sank the ship to appease his two clients: Jotun governor Borg, who didn't want the research team to explore the ruins in his territory; and Thea Skuld, who is still alive and wants to profit from another war with Jotunheim. Fafnir sank the ship to please both clients, but only managed to anger them, until he reveals he has sent a death squad to Juno's meeting to further agitate relations between Midgard and Jotunheim.


Episode 5: Return to Jotunheim


Governor. An upgraded Thane mini-boss with dual Gauss cannons and more health. There is only one in the episode, representing Governor Borg.

Hreidmar Brothers. Giant Jotun thugs with helmets, body armor, and deadly rocket guns. There are two variants, with one and two rocket guns respectively, the latter firing constantly until Juno breaks line of sight.

Scubajar. An aquatic Einherjar that only appears on Map33: Uncharted Waters. It moves like the Mommybot and fires heat-seeking torpedoes that are tough to evade.

Thea Skuld. Architect of the impending war between nations, and secondary villain of the episode. She makes her final appearance of the megawad on Map34: Silo on the Edge of Forever, first when she escapes into the missile silo at first sight of Juno; later she ambushes Juno in the silo itself, using the missiles as cover.

Fafnir "The Dragon". The main threat of the episode, a burly Jotun mercenary and terrorist. He is first seen escaping the castle at the beginning of Map32: Castle Indigo; later Juno spots him in the silo observation booth on Map34, but he escapes again. His last appearance is at the end of Map35: Broken Arrow, where he battles Juno with a pair of machine guns. He is the only enemy in the game that can attack while moving.