Revenant (Doom Eternal)


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A revenant.
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The revenant returns as a monster in Doom Eternal, retaining its appearance from Doom (2016), albeit slightly modified: its eyeballs now glow green, it lacks blood on its forehead, new cybernetics are present on its head and neck, its mouth shape is a bit different, and its metal parts are now cleaner in appearance, similar to the classic revenant. It is currently presumed that it will have statistics and behaviors which mostly match those from the previous game, but further information from id Software is needed.

One particular revenant, referred to by VEGA as a revenant drone, can be player-controlled in order to obtain the super shotgun.

Tactical analysis[edit]

The revenant is able to shoot a barrage of guided missiles at the player if it is able to lock on, and retains its flight capabilities from the previous game. However, the player is able to shoot off the rocket launchers in order to disable this attack, leaving it with only its much weaker claw swipe. It can also dash to evade incoming fire.

Dashing or double-jumping will break its lock-on.

Glory kills[edit]

  • The Doom Slayer stabs the revenant's jetpack, causing it to malfunction and self-destruct, blowing up the revenant.
  • The Slayer cuts off the revenant's lower torso and legs, causing it to spin in air before exploding.
  • The Slayer throws the revenant on the ground and decapitates it.


As seen in the game play reveal, the revenant can also be player-controlled in the Demon Invasion and Battlemode game modes. The revenant is well-rounded and maneuverable, combining offensive power from its rockets with the agility of its jetpack. However, the revenant player needs to watch their fuel supply, as they will be temporarily unable to fly if it runs out.


  • The player-controlled revenant shown in the QuakeCon 2018 demo was named 'D00t76'. This is a nod to the "doot" meme, an inside joke among fans regarding a revenant holding a trumpet in photoshopped variants of Doom (2016)'s cover art. The meme is further referenced with the pre-order exclusive skin for the revenant, where its body armor is stylized with a trumpet theme and the rocket launchers are replaced with a pair of trumpets.