Richard Frei (Tarnsman)


Richard Frei (alias Tarnsman) is an American Doom level designer and playtester.

He is best known for his Cacoward-winning megawads Doom 2 In Spain Only and Tarnsman's Projectile Hell. He has also contributed multiple maps for well-known projects such as The Adventures of Square, Back to Saturn X, Doom 2 the Way id Did, and Syringe. In 2011, he was selected as one of the most promising newcomers at the 18th Annual Cacowards for his work on the demo version of Suitcase of Gor, and for his decade of output he was named Creator of the Year at the 2021 Cacowards.

He is also a co-host of Doom Radio.

Body of work[edit]




  • TTVZone! Collection 1 (Doomworld forums thread)
    • MAP05: Male Unbonding
    • MAP10: Caco Factory
    • MAP15: Speed 2: Cruise Control
    • MAP18: Jello Pudding
    • MAP23: Cacose
    • MAP38: Spiders On The Moon!
    • MAP43: Oppressive Shit 2: The Turd of Oppression
    • MAP44: Hitler Has A Surprisingly Shapely Ass (and Horns)
    • MAP45: This Map is Totally Balanced, Really Guys!


  • Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions
    • Session 2, MAP06: Alfonzo's Romerian Romp through the Caves of Jongoloth
    • Session 5, MAP10: Alfonzo Conquers the Archbishop of Nepal
    • Session 6, MAP08: Alfonzo Gets A Sex Change, Undoes that Sex Change, and Then Battles Concrete
    • Session 7, MAP10: Alfonzo Treks Through The Hundred Acre Woods - Winnie the Pooh, Winnie the Pooh, Tubby little chubby all stuffed with fluff, He's Winnie the Pooh, Winnie the Pooh, Willy nilly silly old bear
    • Session 10, MAP08: Alfonzo and Gary Oldman Visit The Museum of Social Decay!
  • Countergoat Initiative (Doomworld/idgames)
    • Map05: Alfonzo Battles Genghis Kahn in Old Neo Tokyo
    • Map07: Thirteen Men All Backflipping Into a Shitstorm to Piss Off Alfonzo
    • Map11: Alfonzo’s Jungle Excursion: No Gaycaek’s Allowed
    • Map12: Alfonzo Battles the Golden Ninja Clan for Control of Mount Fuji
    • Map32: Alfonzo’s Vacation in Peter Burns’ Nightmare Funhouse
    • HUBMAP: Goat Bunker







  • Isolation (Doomworld forums thread)
    • Strain 1, MAP25: Alfonzo Allows Himself To Be Mugged Because He's Such A Nice Guy
  • Dark Scythe (Doomworld/idgames)
    • MAP17: Duel the Superiors
    • MAP38: Dummythicc Scaffolding



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  1. During development, Suitcase of Gor was named "Doom II Redux," the demo of which was given a special mention at the 18th Annual Cacowards in 2011.