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Doom (2016) multiplayer levels

Ritual is a multiplayer level of Doom (2016), released as part of the Unto the Evil downloadable content pack. Set at Mars' polar ice cap, this level takes place in a facility built around a demonic artifact that the UAC has used for cult-like experiments.


The demonic artifact is placed at the center of the level, with an open outdoor area in front of it and two interior rooms behind it. A BFG-9000 can spawn on the pentagram at the base of the artifact, but caution is needed when taking it - players can shoot the red glowing rune on top of the artifact to bathe the pentagram in hellfire, quickly killing anything standing inside it. A mega health spawns on a high ledge in the room directly behind the artifact, and a haste or quad damage powerup can appear on the bridge to the left of this room.

Areas / screenshots[edit]