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Start point of Heroin Factory 1/3.

Robocop Doom is a 16-level total conversion for ZDoom/Doom II developed and released by Mike MacDee (Impie) in 2019. It attempts to recreate the original film in the Doom engine, taking many liberties with the plot like most video game adaptations of the film were known to do. It not only pays tribute to the film series, but the 1988 arcade game as well.


The player controls Officer Alex Murphy shortly after his rebirth as Robocop. Murphy sets out on a quest for revenge against his killers, starting by arresting Clarence Boddicker. Throughout the game, the player covers key plot points from the film, including two confrontations with OCP executive Dick Jones and the steel mill showdown with the Boddicker Gang.

Each episode is bookended with a slideshow of a scene from the film, such as Robocop's arrest of Clarence, and Robocop falling victim to Directive 4.


Robocop Doom completely replaces the player's arsenal with weapons seen in the film.

  • Robo-Punch / Data Spike - Replaces the fist and deals considerably more damage at a faster rate. The alt fire brandishes Robocop's data spike, which he uses as an improvised stabbing weapon.
  • Auto-9 - Robocop's trademark weapon, an automatic pistol that fires in three-round bursts.
  • Tactical Shotgun - A semi-auto version of the shotgun.
  • ED-209 Autocannon - A double-barreled machine gun used by the ED-209 boss enemy. It fires two deadly 20mm bullets at a time, at a high rate of fire.
  • Hawk MM1 Mini Missile Launcher - Fires small, fast miniature rockets in rapid succession. Blast radius is small, but usually enough to kill most enemies in one or two hits at most.
  • Cobra Assault Cannon - The most powerful gun in the game, firing highly explosive rounds with a large and devastating blast radius.
  • OCP Grinder - A sawblade arm attachment that acts as the chainsaw.


The enemies are divided into three categories.

Criminal (Minor)[edit]

  • Beam Perp. A slow, tubby gangster with a plasma handgun that fires in a three-round shotgun spread. Becomes faster and more aggressive when injured.
  • Shotgun Perp. Fast-moving mohawked hoods with auto-shotguns, who flee when injured. When running away, they run the risk of opening doors to unexplored areas and alerting other enemies to the player's presence.
  • Missile Perp. Armored goons with Mini-Missile guns. Becomes faster and more aggressive when injured.
  • OCP Spook. Military goons that work for the OCP, based on the Rehabs from Robocop 3. They have multiple attacks: standing burst fire from their assault rifles, kneeling suppression fire, and plasma grenades that sometimes chase Robocop around corners. They make no sound when alerted, making it difficult to detect them when they're not in sight.

Criminal (Major)[edit]

  • Clarence Boddicker. One of the major villains of the game: Dick Jones's dirty deeds man and Alex Murphy's killer. Armed with a Cobra Assault Cannon and uses it aggressively; when damaged enough, he rushes Robocop with a vicious melee attack with a length of rebar.
  • Leon Nash. Clarence's right hand man. He carries a pair of Cobra Assault Cannons and fires four shots haphazardly, potentially making him the deadliest of the criminal bosses.
  • Emil Antonowsky. Clarence's red-haired point man and driver. He is the only boss besides Clarence who has multiple forms, first attacking with a Cobra Assault Cannon while driving his van, which occasionally dispenses Shotgun Perps. When the van is destroyed, Emil emerges in his "melted" form from the film, and begins vomiting toxic gas. He rarely appears on foot as a miniboss, usually accompanied by Joe Cox.
  • Joe P. Cox. One of Clarence's lieutenants, a black hood with a hyena laugh. He uses his Cobra Assault Cannon in a more liesurely manner, and appears frequently as a miniboss.

OCP Robots[edit]

  • OCP Drone. Flying spherical robots that aggrssively fire plasma balls and usually travel in swarms.
  • OCP Rehab Unit. A wheeled Robocop knockoff powered by a human brain. It has a fully automatic plasma cannon and fires salvos of mini-missiles, and can sometimes dodge Robocop's shots. Usually appears as a miniboss.
  • ED-209. Robocop's faulty competitor, a violent and heavily armed law enforcement robot. It wields dual 20mm cannons and fires large rockets that can kill in one or two hits. Even with the Cobra Assault Cannon, it can take many shots to destroy an ED-209.
  • ED-260. The green-tinted military version of ED-209. It has more health and fires barrages of mini missiles and explosive Cobra slugs.



All of the mod's music is taken from the various 16-bit Robocop games produced in the 80s and 90s: Robocop the Arcade Game, Robocop vs Terminator (Sega Genesis), and Robocop 3 (Sega Genesis). The secret level uses a music track from T2: Judgement Day (Sega Genesis).

There is no music on the title screen, only a sound clip of Robocop stating his prime directives: "Serve the public trust, Protect the innocent, Uphold the law."

Other notes[edit]

  • All of the maps are adaptations of Wolfenstein 3D maps, specifically the Super Nintendo port.

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