Rocket jumping


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Rocket jumping is the act of using the rocket launcher's splash damage to horizontally propel a player, acting like a speed boost. Players using this technique often take a large amount of damage unless they are invulnerable, so this tactic is not often used outside speedrun games, where this method can help to save a lot of time. One use for rocket jumping is reaching the secret exit in E3M6: Mt. Erebus.

In modern source ports where free look is allowed by the engine, one can rocket jump in a similar fashion to games like Quake and also achieve a vertical boost. However, this behavior is not present in the original engine (including games with free look, like Strife or Heretic), instead simply applying the horizontal momentum to the player.

Rocket jumping PWADs[edit]

The behavior introduced by source ports such as ZDoom and its derivates has allowed the proliferation of rocket jumping-themed PWADs, popular mostly within the multiplayer scene. These typically consist of platforming-oriented challenges with little to no combat.

Notable rocket jumping PWADs include:

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