Rocket launcher (Doom 2016)


The rocket launcher.
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The rocket launcher returns as a weapon in the 2016 Doom game as the primary means of heavy explosive ordnance delivery. The fast-flying rockets normally explode on impact, causing extensive area damage. As a unique addition to this iteration, the modified firing mode of the weapon allows any currently in-flight rockets to be instantly detonated wherever they may be. It is practically unmodified from modern-day rocket launchers, with its only advancements being a UAC quick reload automation unit, and retrofitting to accept UAC-developed modifications.

"Fires rockets that explode on impact, doing damage over a large area."
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Lock-On Burst
Though all UAC-produced rockets are fit with guidance capabilities, they are inactive by default as a controlling guidance system is also required. This modification adds an activator for that system, allowing the ordinary rockets to become self-guided homing missiles. This unit provides a lock-on laser for painting the desired target, and modifies the firing characteristics of the weapon such that three rockets will be launched in a quick series. The rockets will navigate to the desired target using built-in motors in their fin assemblies. Lock-on burst rockets do approximately one-third as much damage as a normal rocket.
Remote Detonation
The remote detonator allows rockets to be exploded before impact during flight, in case the primary target has been missed or is not in a prime location to be otherwise struck by the projectile's blast. It functions by covering outgoing missiles' fuses with a nano-fiber membrane containing a graphite weave combined with explosives. An attached wireless receiver then overrides the missile's impact fuse at the weapon wielder's command. Notably, there are no safety interlocks to prevent detonation at short range, so the operator must be cautious.


Lock-On Burst[edit]

Quick Lock
The time taken to acquire a lock-on is reduced.
Cost: 3 / 6 weapon points
Faster Recovery
Recovery time is reduced, allowing a new lock-on to be acquired faster.
Cost: 3 / 6 weapon points
Mastery - Multi-Targeting
Unlocked by killing five Summoners with lock-on bursts. Up to three targets can be locked onto simultaneously. Fired rockets will be split between the targets.

Remote Detonation[edit]

Improved Warhead
The area-of-effect damage of remote detonated missiles is increased.
Cost: 3 / 6 weapon points
Jagged Shrapnel
Remote detonated missiles explode with shrapnel which causes bleed damage.
Cost: 3 / 6 weapon points
Mastery - External Payload
Unlocked by killing three enemies with a single remote-detonated blast 15 times. Remote detonation of a missile will not cause the missile to be destroyed, effectively allowing it to hit a target twice.