Rocket launcher (Doom Eternal)


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The Doom Slayer examines the rocket launcher.
Concept rendering.
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The rocket launcher, also known as the Paingiver, returns as a weapon in Doom Eternal. While it seems to have the same mechanics as its version in the previous game, including its remote detonation mod seen in the Google Stadia gameplay footage and seen in the E3 gameplay demo, it features an all-new appearance with a transparent barrel and a skull motif on its side. In the new battlemode gameplay footage, the Slayer uses a mod for the rocket launcher that also locks on to demons and shoots a 3-rocket burst, just like its prior counterpart. Unlike the reset of the weapons introduced in Doom Eternal, the rocket launcher has kept its weapons mods from the preceding game.


Compare the Doom 64 rocket launcher's pickup sprite.

The fins on the barrel of the rocket launcher seem to be inspired by the profile of the weapon's first-person view and pickup sprites in Doom 64, making this weapon's design one of several such references in Doom Eternal.