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Title screen
Authors Various
Port Vanilla Doom
Year 2020
Link Doomworld/idgames
Cacoward-2018.png This mod received one of the 2020 Cacowards on Doomworld!

Rowdy Rudy II: POWERTRIP is a 20-level (22 if counting the bonus maps) partial conversion community project led by Doomkid for Vanilla Doom, and it is also the sequel to Rowdy Rudy's Revenge. This WAD is notable for having custom monsters and weapons through DeHackEd, and designed to be compatible with DOOM2.EXE. It was uploaded on /idgames archive on 11 August, 2020, and won a Cacoward that same year.


The Backstory: 8 months have passed since Rudy took out the evil cult known as the Protectors, avenged his brother and saved his home city.

Impressed by his efforts, many different entities reached out to him and offered him money for mercenary work. Rudy was not interested, he just wanted to live a somewhat normal life and continually refused offers. Having realized it wouldn't stop and could potentially lead to confrontation, Rudy decided to relocate and change his name to get away from his former life.

With his bags packed and ready to go, Rudy heard an aggressive knock at the front door. He quickly grabbed a pistol and stuffed it in his back pocket. As he reached toward the door, it suddenly flew open and two burly, suited men grabbed him and restrained him. Rudy struggled to reach for his gun, but he couldn't move and had already been disarmed. "You ugly fucks are gonna pay for this", Rudy howled.

A third, slimmer man entered his home. "Listen, Rudy. We know who you are. We know every last detail about you. I'm giving you a chance to play nice right now - you can try to get away and end up dead, or you can cooperate and end up richer than you ever imagined... The choice is yours."

Rudy glared directly at the thin man and didn't blink - a piercing death stare that seemed to last an eternity. "...Okay, you asshole. Tell me what you want me to do... and if what you say doesn't piss me off, maybe I'll let you and those slack-jawed goons of yours live."

Then thin man's expression curled into a wicked smile and he let out a hearty laugh. "I knew you'd make the right decision, Rudy. In fact, this is a job I think you might just enjoy." The man nodded towards his goons and they released Rudy. He pulled out a folder with a few documents in it and tossed it on the coffee table.

"We've got some bases up north, hidden away in the mountains. Some of the research they've been doing there has gotten a bit.. Messy, you might say. An experimental soldier enhancement formula seemed to be working well, so it was sent to several bases to be used and further documented. After a few months, our super soldiers started going insane - some of them had high level access and ended up freeing hundreds of aliens we had held in captivity. Between the bloodthirsty super soldiers who have lost all trace of humanity and the army of aliens on the loose, we've been looking for any solution we could to contain this wave of chaos before it reaches civilians. As you might have guessed, YOU are the solution we have in mind."

Rudy looked through the documents, let out a deep sigh and rested his face in his palms. The man hissed, "Come on Rudy, don't be like that! We know what we're asking is a tall order, so we plan to reimburse you... $40 million dollars, plus new guns, ammo and armor - on the house."

Rudy eyes darted back up at the man. "So, 40 million, huh?" he asked. The man looked Rudy dead in the eyes. "That's right - no bullshit. It's not often we fuck up on this scale. If you can fix it, we'll set you up for life and leave you alone for good. You have my word - scout's honor."

Rudy chuckled. Despite being fully aware this was a trap of some sort, he reluctantly agreed to the offer. "I had faith in you from the start, Rudy. Meet us at the address on the inside of that folder at 6 AM sharp tomorrow. We'll discuss the details then."

The men quickly filed out and slammed the door behind them. Rudy stared at the door for a minute, although it felt like half an hour. He briefly rubbed his temples, then headed to the bathroom to run himself one last hot bath.

The Present: Two weeks have passed since the suited men barged into his home. After several days of hiking, Rudy arrives at a small cave near the first hidden mountain base. He takes his heavy backpack off which lands with a THUD, he then wipes the dirty sweat from his brow. "Jesus fuckin' Christ, why did I agree to this shit. I'm so sick of it already." Rudy pulls a sleeping bag out and lays it down in the cave, then starts a small fire out front, lights a cigarette and begins roasting some pork.

"Tomorrow morning.. Shit goes down", Rudy mutters to himself. "Hopefully I'll be in and out without much trouble. Who the hell knows..." Rudy makes sure his assault rifle is locked and loaded, rests it by his side and tucks himself into his sleeping bag, using his backpack as a pillow. He listens to the sound of the waves crashing on the nearby beach and falls into a restless sleep, knowing full well that endless carnage lies ahead the next morning. Out of sheer anger, Rowdy vows to score as many kills as he possibly can.



Former humans[edit]

Like the classic zombieman, except now they are in a tan suit, and have 40 health points instead of 20.
Shotgun guy
Like the classic shotgun guy, except now they are wearing the grey player sprite, and have 60 health points instead of 30.
Plasma guy
Looks similar to the new zombieman, but wears green, and fires green plasma. 60 health points. Replaces the spectre.
Chaingun guy
Similar to their classic counterpart, except now with a green suit, tan helmet, and 80 health points instead of 70. They do not drop a chaingun when they die, but instead drop a clip. They replace Wolfenstein SS.
Flamethrower Guy
A possessed human with a grey and white suit, tan helmet, and green flamethrower. 80 health points. It replaces Commander Keen.
Rocket Guy
Wears a red suit, and fires the same rockets the revenant does (some seeking, some not). They have 120 health points and replace the Hell knight.


Same sprite and behavior, but with all new sounds, and the fireball has a new sprite.
Psycho Imp
A variant of the imp with black skin, white horns, three green eyes, and 140 health points. Shoots plasma bolts. Moves significantly faster than the brown imps. It replaces the arachnotron.

Cacodemon derivatives[edit]

Replaces the classic cacodemon with one with grey "skin" and green horns. Shoots green energy balls, like the baron of Hell and Hell knight. 400 health points.
Flame Caco
Looks like a bright orange cacodemon. Alternates between spitting out flames and a fireball like the imp. It replaces the pain elemental and has 600 health points.


Blood Demon
Like the classic demon, but darker red, and with 180 health points instead of 150.
Mini Mastermind
A mini version of spider mastermind with 500 health points that drops a chaingun when killed. It replaces the chaingun guy.
Flying Mastermind
A flying version of spider mastermind with 2000 health points.

Weapon changes[edit]

  • The delay when switching weapons is greatly reduced.
  • Fists are faster and far more powerful.
  • Chainsaw is now double bladed.
  • Pistol is now an assault rifle with 100% accuracy.
  • Shotgun is now automatic.
  • Super shotgun is now pump-action.
  • Chaingun has a much faster rate of fire.
  • Rocket launcher has a faster rate of fire.
  • Plasma rifle post-fire delay sequence has been removed.
  • The BFG9000 now shoots big fireballs that emit two damage tracers rather than just one.


  • Health bonuses (+1) appear as blue sphere
  • Armor bonuses (+1) appear as a green sphere
  • Stimpacks (+10) appear as a red sphere
  • The medkit (+25) and berserk packs feature red hearts instead of red crosses
  • The invulnerability looks like a gold helmet with horns, and the resulting palette shift is a gold shading rather than pure white

Built-in demos[edit]

This WAD features four identical built-in demos, DEMO1-4, requiring Doom II v1.9 to be viewed. They run for 2:54.31 (6101 tics), completing MAP01: Storming the Bayside Base on Nightmare!.

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