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Doom (2016) rune trials
Rune trial arena

The rune trial arena is one of three special levels in Doom (2016) which are used for rune trials. It is a simple flat, circular battlefield ringed by giant demon bones, floating in a cold blue void with some rocks and mountains visible in the surrounding area, some of which are tied to the arena by heavy iron chains. It is similar to the arena in which the Hell guard boss battle takes place, though the environmental style gives it a drastically different feel.


Rune trials[edit]

The following rune trials take place in the rune trial arena:

Rune Trial description
Vacuum Use the combat shotgun to eliminate 15 imps before the timer expires. Trial begins with 6 seconds. Kills adds 2 seconds and glory kills add 4 seconds.
Equipment Power Armed with the combat shotgun eliminate 10 unwilling with explosive barrel damage before the timer expires. Trial begins with 12 seconds. Each kill using barrels add 3 seconds.
Intimacy is Best Use the pistol to weaken and then glory kill 8 imps before the timer expires. Trial begins with 20 seconds. Glory killing adds 3 seconds.


The arena is host to some of the simplest rune trials. Of the three, the only one which is truly involved is "Equipment Power" - the unwilling spawn at random locations, which may be far away from the existing barrels, and the barrels are limited in number. Care must be taken to try to quickly lure the zombies in groups toward the closest barrel, and to not waste too many barrels. It is easy to run out of time during this trial or to die from blast radius exposure (remember that you are not protected by Praetor suit upgrades or the effects of runes).

For "Intimacy is Best", charge up a shot with the pistol while imps are spawning in, and then follow up with a barrage of fast shots to stun the current target imp. Be careful not to fire too much - a staggered imp has virtually no health remaining and may die from a single pistol shot - normal deaths do not award extra time during this trial.

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