Rune trial passage


Doom (2016) rune trials
Rune trial passage

The rune trial passage is one of three special levels in Doom (2016) which are used for rune trials. It is a long, thin, Hellish passageway with narrow ledges on either side of a fatal drop zone. Part-way into the level there is a round platform which can be walked around on either side. The end of the level consists of an altar found across a canyon that requires a double jump to clear.


Rune trials[edit]

The following rune trials take place in the rune trial passage:

Rune Trial description
Savagery Kill imps with the super shotgun to allow movement for 4 seconds. Imps may be killed or spared at your discretion. Reach the altar before the timer expires. Trial begins with 5 seconds. Each kill adds 4 seconds.
In-Flight Mobility Collect all 15 Hell Relics and reach the altar before the timer expires. Trial begins with 16 seconds. Each collected Relic adds 1 second.


The greatest hazard of the passage is the chance to fall, so keeping sure footing is the highest priority. During the Savagery trial, engage imps at close range and avoid performing glory kills, as they will not award extra time, and could move you toward the drop-offs if performed at a bad angle. During In-Flight Mobility, it may be tempting to think that you can jump back toward the ledge from which you jumped after snagging a relic in mid-air, but as you lack significant air control during the rune trial, you should always aim to jump fully across the chasm and then back again when necessary to grab relics.

Time is extremely tight during both trials and cannot be wasted beyond a second or two at most.

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