Russell Meakim (TheCastle)


Russel Meakim a.k.a. The Castle or variations thereof is a level designer and former Ritual Entertainment and Nerve Software employee who designed the No Rest for the Living episode for the Xbox 360 port of Doom II along with Arya Iwakura (Squibbons). His most well-known previous work included four maps in Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes.

The Castle designed most of the first half (excluding Level 2) of No Rest for the Living up to the secret level, where all maps take place on Earth (the secret level ending with a Spider Mastermind), while Squibbons designed Level 2, and the entire second half of the episode which takes place in Hell (ending with a cyberdemon).

Seven years after the initial release of No Rest for the Living, The Castle created an ambitious non-official level for Doom II called Redemption of the Slain as an independent developer. The level requires GZDoom, as many of its features are required, including jumping, crouching, and scripted sequences between mini levels and a secret level. The level is optimized for use with Brutal Doom, but other than a cacodemon swarm early on, it is also compatible with unmodified GZDoom game play. The Castle announced it was his last Doom II project, as he now focuses on his new game called Revulsion.


No Rest for the Living[edit]



All missions made by him in any games will have a small Easter egg box that reads "The Castle Was HERE". In No Rest for the Living it can be found on Level 1 for the first 30 seconds, while in Redemption of the Slain it can be found in the secret spectre sublevel.

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