Rust Doom


Rust Doom
Rust Doom.gif
Codebase None, from scratch
Developer(s) Cristian Cobzarenco
Development status Active
Written in Rust
Target Platform Cross-platform
License Apache License, version 2.0
Source Repository



Rust Doom, also known as Rusty Doom, is a clean room level viewer, compatible with Doom-format IWADs and supports walking and flying around levels in a full 3D-rendered view, including capabilities to toggle clipping and flight, animated flats and textures, and placing all monsters onto the scene. Rust Doom is intended to be faithful to the vanilla display of the game and even goes as far as implementing diminishing light with palette lookups, while rendering on a 24-bit color OpenGL surface.

Cristian Cobzarenco develops Rust Doom as a pure research project, and no present intention of creating a playable game engine from it. Inspired by Markus Persson's dark engine written in Dart, the intent was to learn Rust programming better by implementing a Doom renderer, based only on information found on the Doom Wiki and Unofficial Doom Specs, without looking at the original C source code for Doom.