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Ryan Krafnick (alias Kraflab) is a Doom level designer who contributed to several community projects, as well as a speedrunner and—together with Zero-Master—webmaster/developer of the Doom Speed Demo Archive. He also contributed over 760 demos to the archive.

He is also responsible for creating the DSDA-Doom source port, and for providing the original idea that led to the MBF21 specification. For these projects and more, he received the Codeaward at the 2021 Cacowards.

Body of work[edit]


  • #DooM Speedmapping Session 1 (Doomworld/idgames)
    • MAP01: Trainsman in the Alfonzone
  • #DooM Speedmapping Session 2 (Doomworld/idgames)
    • MAP01: Shockblast Performs Open Heart Surgery While Hang Gliding



  • LMP Demo Format Analyzer
  • NoYe (Doomworld/idgames)
    • MAP04: Midnight Meeting
    • MAP07: Hoodwinked
    • MAP08: Upon All Creation
    • MAP11: Shock's Descent
    • MAP12: Ted N. Thompson's Legacy
    • MAP15: The Deep
    • MAP18: The Shepherd's Tomb
    • MAP20: Essence
    • MAP21: A Reach Beyond Reaching
    • Graphics




  • Dubzzz's 5Minute Design Assembly #2 (Doomworld/idgames)
    • MAP12: God Is Dead
    • MAP28: Interrupted Ritual


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