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Codebase STRIFE1.EXE
Developer(s) Xttl
Initial release Version 1 (2015-12-14, 7 years ago)
Development status Discontinued
Written in C, Assembly
Target Platform DOS

S131mlk is a executable hack created by Xttl. It adds freelook to the vanilla Strife executable, similar to source ports like ZDoom.

Its exact file name is S131MLK.EXE.


S131mlk was announced on December 13, 2015,[1] together with a external input driver for Hexen and Heretic. This patch is called Ravmouse.exe and it brings freelook to the stock executables which is also compatible with Hexen-plus and Heretic-plus. Ravmouse.exe works in those games both in multiplayer and in demos, but for Strife the driver does not work and Xttl had to create a separate hack for it, as found in this Doomworld forums post.

Unlike the external input driver for Hexen and Heretic, S131mlk will not work in demos or in multiplayer, but Xttl noted that "since Strife does not support coop, nobody plays Strife deathmatch and vanilla Strife demo recording is broken in SP anyway I don't think it matters."


The user needs to place S131MLK.EXE in the same directory as where STRIFE1.EXE is located. It does comes with the limitation that the user cannot adjust vertical sensitivity separately from horizontal.


  • Freelook support for Strife, allowing the player to freely look up and down

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  1. Doomworld forums thread
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