SDL Doom


SDL Doom or SDLDoom is a minimalistic port of Doom programmed by Sam Lantinga in the year 1998. As indicated by its name, it uses the Simple DirectMedia Layer library for drawing functions. SDL Doom is programmed in the C language and is open source. It was the basis of the first Symbian OS Doom port, CDoom and later the C2Doom project. The supported IWAD files are DOOM1.WAD, DOOM.WAD, DOOM2.WAD, DOOMU.WAD, PLUTONIA.WAD and TNT.WAD. Just as Linux Doom, it can also run most vanilla PWAD files but has no internal DeHackEd support, so DEH files must be handled the old-fashioned way by using a tool to patch the binary. IWAD merging via DeuTex or NWT must also be done manually.

Source code genealogy
Based on
Linux Doom 1.10
SDL Doom Base for
CDoom (mobile)
Base for
Doom Legacy 1.30