This article gives technical information about the shareware Strife data file. For level information and walkthroughs, see Strife.

STRIFE0.WAD is the IWAD used by the Teaser demo version of Strife. It is a cut-down version of STRIFE1.WAD which contains only three levels: MAP32: Sanctuary, MAP33: Town and MAP34: Movement Base. Unlike the full game, VOICES.WAD is not present, presumably to cut down on the file size. Instead, the necessary voice clips are inside STRIFE0.WAD.

Latest version of Strife[edit]

Version 1.1 is 9,934,413 bytes in size, is dated 1996-03-14, and contains 1,977 entries. It has the following hashes:

Hash type Hash code
MD5 bb545b9c4eca0ff92c14d466b3294023
SHA-1 bc0a110bf27aee89a0b2fc8111e2391ede891b8d
CRC32 93c144dd

Older versions[edit]

The older version of the Strife demo actually has two extra maps in it. MAP35 seems to be a things test of sorts, with lots of weapons, pickups, and all sorts of testing stuff. MAP36 is mostly untextured, and is mostly unremarkable. It has the following attributes and hashes:

Version File date Size (bytes) Entries MD5 SHA-1 CRC-32
1.0 1996-02-22 10,493,652 2,037 de2c8dcad7cca206292294bdab524292 92a5fcff91fef9f55ce1da00c57e4aa933bd6f8d 3a6ab94d

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