In addition to STRIFE1.WAD (the main game IWAD) and VOICES.WAD, Strife: Veteran Edition also comes with a separate PWAD SVE.wad that is automatically loaded by the game. It contains modified and supplemental content. It is 102,407,969 bytes in size (98M) and contains 1,751 entries. The latest version (1.2) has the following hashes:

Hash type Hash code
MD5 47958a4fea8a54116e4b51fc155799c0
SHA-1 539ff0d7d9971c2c33e663dca8072c629e177dfb
CRC-32 0645464b

Older versions[edit]

Version File date Size (bytes) Entries MD5 SHA-1 CRC-32
1.1  ? 102,621,358  ? 2c0a712d3e39b010519c879f734d79ae 08ba56e6171cec65c10c9feff8705124e72421f3  ?
1.0  ? 102,621,358  ? 06a8f99b9b756ac908917c3868b8e3bc 4768b23a2d4778862e15a14ef744da121f711d5b  ?


The contents includes GL nodes and related supplemental data for the original maps; the four new maps for Veteran Edition; some new flats and sprites; several new menu and console fonts.