Sammis converses with the player.
Sammis at his workstation.

Sammis is a minor character from Strife. He is a core technician found inside the coolant area near the crystal which drives the Tarnhill power station. He is voiced by Peter Morgan (IMDb).

Spoiler Warning: Plot details follow.

Sammis works as a high level technician. While posing as a worker, the player needs to talk to him. He provides the Power3 key for a nearby elevator and also instructs the player to flip the adjacent switches to gain access to the reactor core control platform. He sends the player there to meet Ketrick, rebuffing any further questions about the purpose or functionality of the crystal. It is possible to simply kill Sammis and he will drop the key immediately without any conversation. It should be noted that, unlike all other technicians in the power plant, Sammis is plot critical - the key he holds also unlocks the sewer overflow gate in town.

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Strife quests and people

Game over

  • Killing Derwin [bloody] OR
  • Destroying the power coupling [messy] (MacGuffin)
  • Bringing Weran a uniform
  • Finding the control device

Branch 1

Branch 2
  • Killing the Oracle [S 3]
  • Destroying the acolyte converter (Richter)
  • Killing Macil [S 4]
  • Killing the Loremaster [S 5]
  • Killing the Entity