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The musical score for the Sega Saturn version of Doom is recycled from the Sony PlayStation port, and was composed by Aubrey Hodges. It consists of dark ambient tracks with a splash of rock anthems used for elements such as the title screen. Several tracks from the PlayStation version are missing from this port, and therefore the level assignments of tracks vary significantly.

Removed tracks[edit]

The following PlayStation tracks do not appear in the Saturn version of the game:

  • Corrupted
  • Corrupted Core
  • Creeping Brutality
  • Hopeless Despair
  • In The Grip of Madness
  • Lamentation
  • Lurkers
  • The Slow Demonic Pulse
  • Steadfast Extermination
  • Twisted Beyond Reason


Track name Saturn level Track used in PSX Length
Beyond Fear MAP01: Hangar Retribution Dawns 04:25
MAP12: Deimos Lab Corrupted
MAP23: Tower of Babel Sanity's Edge
MAP34: The Focus Beyond Fear
MAP45: Tenements Corrupted Core
MAP56: The Military Base Creeping Brutality
The Broken Ones MAP02: Plant The Broken Ones 02:45
MAP13: Command Center Steadfast Extermination
MAP24: Hell Beneath Hopeless Despair
MAP35: The Waste Tunnels Mutation
MAP46: The Courtyard Digitized Pain
MAP57: The Marshes Corrupted
Sanity's Edge (beginning and middle) MAP03: Toxin Refinery Sanity's Edge 05:28
MAP14: Halls of the Damned The Broken Ones
MAP25: Perfect Hatred Breath of Horror
MAP36: The Crusher Lamentation
MAP47: The Citadel A Calm Panic Rises
MAP58: The Mansion In The Grip of Madness
Hell's Churn MAP04: Command Control Hell's Churn 03:07
MAP15: Spawning Vats Retribution Dawns
MAP26: Sever the Wicked Mind Massacre
MAP37: Dead Simple Creeping Brutality
MAP48: Nirvana The Broken Ones
MAP59: Club Doom Lamentation, Club Doom
Sanity's Edge (end) MAP05: Phobos Lab Digitized Pain 01:40
MAP16: Hell Gate Beyond Fear
MAP27: Unruly Evil Hell's Churn
MAP38: Tricks and Traps Hopeless Despair
MAP49: The Catacombs Sanity's Edge
Digitized Pain MAP06: Central Processing Corrupted Core 02:35
MAP17: Hell Keep In The Grip of Madness
MAP28: Unto the Cruel Digitized Pain
MAP39: The Pit The Slow Demonic Pulse
MAP50: Barrels of Fun Retribution Dawns
Mind Massacre MAP07: Computer Station Mind Massacre 01:42
MAP18: Pandemonium Lurkers
MAP29: Twilight Descends Corrupted
MAP40: Refueling Base Steadfast Extermination
MAP51: Bloodfalls Mind Massacre
Mutation MAP08: Phobos Anomaly Mutation 03:10
MAP19: House of Pain Corrupted Core
MAP30: Threshold of Pain Steadfast Extermination
MAP41: O of Destruction! Breath of Horror
MAP52: The Abandoned Mines Mutation
A Calm Panic Rises MAP09: Deimos Anomaly Breath of Horror 03:12
MAP20: Unholy Cathedral Creeping Brutality
MAP31: Entryway Retribution Dawns
MAP42: The Factory In The Grip of Madness
MAP53: Monster Condo The Slow Demonic Pulse
Breath Of Horror MAP10: Containment Area A Calm Panic Rises 00:53
MAP21: Mt. Erebus Lamentation
MAP32: Underhalls A Calm Panic Rises
MAP43: The Inmost Dens Beyond Fear
MAP54: Redemption Denied Hell's Churn
Retribution Dawns MAP11: Refinery The Slow Demonic Pulse 07:38
MAP22: Limbo Twisted Beyond Reason
MAP33: The Gantlet Twisted Beyond Reason
MAP44: Suburbs Lurkers
MAP55: Fortress of Mystery Lurkers
Club Doom MAP59: Club Doom Club Doom 02:08

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