Scientist 2


Scientist 2
Title screen
Author Roland van der Velden
Port Vanilla Doom
Year 2005
Link Doomworld/idgames

Scientist 2 is a 2005 Doom II megawad by Roland van der Velden (Scientist). Built off a 2002 release called simply Scientist, which contained the first 11 maps, Scientist 2 contains those same levels plus 9 new single player levels (for a total of 20), together with 10 bonus deathmatch levels based off the single player ones.

The player journeys through a city, a Soviet base in Siberia, and finally a series of ancient ruins to track down and kill the main antagonist of the story: a scientist seeking to gain immortality through his experiments.


Custom content[edit]

Several new graphics are present, including changed weapons through a DeHackEd patch. The Wolfenstein SS and cyberdemon have been replaced by the eponymous Scientist, who acts as the main antagonist of the story as well as a recurring enemy and final boss for the last single player map.

The weapons are replaced as follows:

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