Sector 2 (Doom RPG)


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Sector 2 is a level in Doom RPG.



Map of Sector 2


  1. Follow the corridor along, heading east. You will find a locked door with a civilian next to it.
  2. Unlock the door using the passcode 1337 (the civilian says that the passcode is related to the tunnel structure, and the tunnels spell out this number).
  3. Head south, passing through three doors. In the process you will pass the locked entrance to Ore Processing.
  4. Use the code "042" to open the door to the south-east (this can be found from another civilian in the area).
  5. You will find a room with several computer consoles. Use the one to the north to talk to Dr. Guerard, who will unlock the door to Ore Processing. Go back to the entrance to Ore Processing and enter.
  6. Head east and talk to the scientist. He will come up with a plan to use armor shards to avert an overload in the power grid processor.
  7. Go back toward the entrance and use a computer console (it does not matter which, because the scientist will instruct you to use the other console regardless of which one you use). Use the panel access code 988.
  8. Go back east toward where the scientist previously was. There will be an explosion (the processor was sabotaged) and several monsters will appear.
  9. Go through the door to the east to find the exit back to the Junction.


  • 8 Total: 22,8 - 5,6 - 7,25 - 18,20 - 18,24 - 19,12 - 7,15 - 23,27

On the south edge of the Ore Processing room there is a set of secret rooms. One of the rooms requires the blue key which you need to get from a higher level (and then return and replay this level). The passcode to door 55 is 5555.


  • 8 secrets
  • 47 monsters

Map data[edit]


  • Blue door
  • Door 55


The north-east section of the map spells-out 1337 - an Internet-culture transliteration of leet or elite.