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Sector 4 is a level in Doom RPG.


Sector 4 is the oldest part of the Martian settlement. Built in 2112, the tunnels are now used mostly to hold radioactive material.


Map of Sector 4


  1. Go east, north and then west. Talk to the civilian.
  2. Go west along the corridor and talk to the scientists. They are having trouble opening the door to the north.
  3. After enough talking, Jenkins will open the door to the med lab. This is at the east end of the corridor.
  4. Pick up supplies from the lab and return to the corridor. Jenkins has moved the barrels into the corridor. Talk to him.
  5. Shoot the first barrel to set off a chain reaction of barrel explosions.
  6. If you are planning to get the two secrets in this room you must do it BEFORE moving onto the next step; once moving to the north door the NPCs will block you in and you will be unable to go back.
  7. Go to the north door and use the computer console. The computer says "HAHAHA! You thought you could blow me up?!?!".
  8. Go back and talk to Dr. Kelvin. Dr. Guerard will appear next to the computer console.
  9. Talk to Guerard. He will open the door.
  10. Pick up the plasma rifle in the center of the lab. Door will open releasing monsters.
  11. Go through the northern-most door on the east wall.
  12. Talk to the civilian until he opens a door unleashing a cacodemon on you. Talk to him again and he will transform into an imp.
  13. Kill the imp and access the computer console behind it. You will talk to Guerard via instant messenger.
  14. Guerard will open the exit to the lab. Go back to the lab and leave via the door to the north.
  15. Follow the corridor to the west. Go south, west and north.
  16. Use the computer console.
  17. Go south twice. Use the computer console and enter the code 5313 to open the door.
  18. Go south to exit the level.


  1. Once out of the dirt area and in the facility proper, interact with the portion of the southern brick wall closer to Jenkins to obtain a flak jacket and 10 credits.
  2. Inside barrel storage, immediately turn west and interact with the brick wall closest to the entrance. Behind it are two pinkies and a blue door, behind which are a druj, a megaarmor, a berserk, a crate and 10 credits.
  3. Inside the room with the singular cacodemon, interact with the portion of the eastern wall to the immediate left of the one with blood on it to find 8 credits.
  4. In the curved hallway directly north of the plasma gun room there are 3 secrets on the eastern/northern wall, behind each of the tech walls. One contains 2 rockets, one contains a dog collar and one contains a rocket launcher.
  5. See secret #4.
  6. See secret #4.
  7. In the room with the locked door that leads to the exit, interact with the portion of the eastern dirt wall between two metallic cross-shaped reinforcements to find a large medkit, guarded by a mancubus.


  • 7 secrets
  • 37 monsters

Map data[edit]


Blue Door


  • The console next to the broken door displays the message PC LOAD LETTER, an error message encountered on HP Laserjet printers. This is a cultural reference to the movie Office Space.