Sector 6 (Doom RPG)


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Sector 6 is a level in Doom RPG.


The level is one of the larger maps in the game, and the main portion of the level consists of a scripted "chase" of Guerard.


Map of Sector 6


  1. Head South until you reach a room with a marine and Dr. Jensen. Talk to Jensen.
  2. Jensen reveals that they are chasing Dr. Guerard. Talk to him again and he will unlock the door to the right.
  3. Go through this door, then south, then west twice.
  4. You will find Jensen and the marine again in the room you have reached. Talk to Jensen, then head through the door.
  5. Follow the corridor as it snakes toward the north of the map. Each time you get close to Guerard, he will run away.
  6. At the end of the snaking corridor, there is a door leading south that Guerard disappears through. Walk through this door.
  7. Go south again to find a room with a Wretched and a computer console. Destroy the barrels and use the computer.
  8. Go back north and talk to Jensen. Go through the now-unlocked door.
  9. Walk toward Guerard. He has led you into a trap. The marine is killed.
  10. Kill the monsters which have been unleashed. Go through the door to the south-west to find Jensen hiding. Talk to him.
  11. Go to the door at the north-east of the room and use the computer in the small room.
  12. The door to the west is now unlocked. Talk to Jensen and then head through the door.
  13. Go south. You will find Guerard behind some bars. Talk to him.
  14. Talk to Mr. Nadira, who has appeared through one of the doors. Guerard has him killed by a Wretched.
  15. Go through the door leading south and use the computer console Guerard was using. The power has been rerouted, but Jensen arrives.
  16. Use the computer again to get the code to the BFG storage locker.
  17. The BFG storage locker is to the south. Use the code 9000 to open the door. Pick up the BFG.
  18. Talk to Jensen again.
  19. Go east to the exit.


  • 7 Total: 4,5 - 7,13 - 10,3 - 19,15 - 21,24 - 26, 20 - 28,13

The super secret door code is 2279. The super secret room contains a baron, as well as a veritable stash of ammunition, and a soul sphere and berserker sphere. The vending machine in the super secret room is one of three in the game, and sells items at a reduced cost compared to the junction machine.


  • 7 secrets
  • 43 monsters

Map data[edit]


  • Super Secret Room


  • When the player is talking to Nadira and Guerard says, "See you in the Hell", press 4 or 6 to strafe. A wretched will appear behind Nadira, but he will not be attacked as intended. To proceed to the normal end, talk to Nadira again, but do not strafe.
  • After the player has acquired the BFG9000, it is possible to return to some of the previous portions of the level to find several versions of Dr. Jensen. Without the no-clip cheat, it is easy to find him still hiding in a side corridor where he hid after the player was led into a trap by Guerard. The spot where he stood in front of the opened door will also respond to communication, as if Dr. Jensen was still standing there. With the no-clip cheat, it is possible to find even more versions of him, and in the places he is no longer visible, the player can still "talk" with the spot where he stood in a similar fashion.
  • If the player walks backwards toward Guerard at the entrapment room, the player's position will trigger Guerard's escape, and the marine will appear in front of the player from out of nowhere. Since the player is never turning toward the marine, but is rather facing him, the marine will remain indefinitely, shielding the player from attacks. Only after facing away from the marine, and then turning toward him again, will the game engine trigger the scene that kills the marine. The game continues normally despite this.