Sector 7 (Doom RPG)


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Sector 7 is a level in Doom RPG.



Map of Sector 7


  1. Go east, south, then west. Talk to the Dr. Kelvin, who is behind the bars to the west.
  2. Go through the now unlocked door leading west. Talk to Kelvin again.
  3. Step into the transporter. You will lose your weapons during the transportation process.(WARNING: You can NOT turn back like in other levels once you saved after teleportation)
  4. Use the computer console. The door to the north will unlock. Go through the door and get the axe.
  5. Go north again.
  6. Go through the door leading north in the north-west corner of the room.
  7. Go north and north again to find a room with a scientist. The scientist will give you back your weapons.
  8. Go back south and then follow the corridor to the east. Use the computer console next to the locked door and use the code 666 to unlock the door.
  9. Go east to the far end of the corridor and use the computer console. There will be a series of explosions and the walls around you collapse.
  10. Go south and then east. Get the red key.
  11. Go north. A wall explodes and the exit is behind it.


  1. Break the door to the right of where you first meet Dr. Kelvin then proceed into the room behind it. Interact with the part of the western wall between two metallic cross-shaped reinforcements to find a flak jacket and a console with a digit for the super secret room, guarded by a pain elemental. This secret cannot be triggered after teleporting.
  2. In the room with a table, a sink and 3 toilets interact with the eastern wall behind a shotgun to find 10 shells, 5 credits, 4 rockets, 10 cells and a megaarmor.
  3. North of the skull-shaped room, there will be a room with a singular druj. In that room, interact with the section of the southern wall that is different color to its surroundings to find 5 credits, 10 cells, 4 rockets and a large medkit.


  • 3 secrets
  • 58 monsters

Map data[edit]


  • Red card


  • A computer console on this level displays a reference to, a popular geek news site.
  • The shape of the room to the east of this map resembles a skull. Specifically, it resembles the skull on the Bullet Bill cannons from retro, 8-bit Super Mario Bros., or the ones on the flags (before Mario jumps on it).