Selfish Series (Boom Edition)


Selfish Series (Boom Edition)
Title screen
Authors Paul Corfiatis
Port Boom-compatible
Year 2009
Link Doomworld/idgames

Selfish Series (Boom Edition) (bselfish.wad) is a compilation of seven maps of varying styles for Doom II, created by Paul Corfiatis.

Aside from MAP07: Icon of Chaos (a map originally made in 1997 but heavily modified, in words of Paul), all of these maps were previously released as individual maps. Moreover, they were previously compiled into multilevel vanilla-compatible PWADs: a compilation of the first three levels released initially back then (both these three individual maps and this compilation were deleted from the official idgames archive), as well as a seven-map compilation (including said level made in 1997).

All in all, Selfish Series (Boom Edition) should be considered the suggested way of playing these maps, as they sport some enhancements, in regards of gameplay and architecture, and bespoke MIDIs by Paul. Last but not least, these maps were given formal names, as they went unnamed in all preceding releases.


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